Swimming Links

If you know of any really good swimming sites that you would like to share, please email the url to scar.office@scarswimming.ca.

Governing Bodies

Swimming Canada - Official site for the governing body of competitive swimming in Canada. Includes a good archive of swimming news and current National standards.

Swim Ontario - A non-profit sports governing body responsible for the organization and regulation of amateur swimming in Ontario.

Swim Blogs

Cap & Goggles - Blog by Casey Barrett, Canadian Olympian. Likes to target the political side of sport, but also many entertaining pieces.

Coach Rick - Up and coming blogger/Canadian Coach. many interesting pieces on the biomechanical side of swimming, but also swimming lifestyle articles.

Dax's Blog - Blog written by athlete Dax Hill.  He has a different slant on things many interesting thoughts regarding many aspects of the swimmer's lifestyle. May be discontinued, but I hope not.

Coach Mike's Blog - Canadian coach with a down to earth and insightful perspective on swimming and coaching lifestyle.

Swim Science

Swim Science - Peer-reviewed scientific articles and measurable stats to analyze strokes, race strategy, injury, anything swim related really. Check out the archives.