Full Stroke: Championship Season Wrap-up!

Chris Ellul
Jul 31, 2019

Fullstroke: Long Course Wrap-up! (May, Jun, Jul 2019)

Scarborough wrapped up another busy end to a big season this year with 7 swimmers representing SCAR at the Canadian Junior Championships in Calgary, Alberta during the week of July 21-28. Congratulation’s to Sam B, Mikaela B, Sarah J, Jared M, Claire N, Asahi O, and Kosei O on this accomplishment. Congrats also goes to Mikaela B with our top finisher with a 6thplace final in the Women’s 13-14 100 LCM Butterfly. This was another big step for our club in not only sending seven swimmers to this national competition, but for an even brighter future for everyone.

Our goal was clear this year: be true to our philosophy in that our focus must always be in regards to a student-athlete’s long-term success. This means having a trusting relationship between our coaching staff, student-athletes, and parents, when making the sometimes-tough decisions that are most appropriate and will serve swimmers in the long scheme of things. It is too narrow minded to only think of that nextcompetition. Through developing the necessary building blocks now, swimmers will be set up to achieve at greater heights moving forward. 

Our busy end to the season began in late May with our Audi Pan Am Invitational at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. It was a very busy weekend for all, and a big thank you must go out once again to all of our volunteers, parents, officials, and everyone involved. The meet was another great success that attracted high level competition from many clubs. This was also a meet for our swimmers to qualify ahead of the long course championship season, and we saw some terrific swims!

SCAR swimmers then found themselves ready for championships season, beginning with both the Annual Mayor’s Cupand Central Region “B” Championships, followed by “C” ChampionshipsOntario Festival,Ontario Provincials, and Junior Nationals(results as seen above). 

CR “B” Championships:
Congrat’s to Olivia B, who won the Women’s 15-Year-Old High Point Trophy!

Heidi A – Gold 200FL, Bronze 200MR 15&O Relay
Olivia B – Gold 400FR, 800FR, Silver 200IM, Bronze 200MR 15&O Relay
Jonathan B – Gold 200MR 13-14 Relay
Brogan C – Silver 800FR
Emma C – Bronze 400FR
Anisa C – Bronze 200MR 15&O Relay
Anthony D – Gold 200FL, 200MR 13-14 Relay
Quin G – Gold 400FR, 200MR 13-14 Relay
Skyyler G – Silver 100FR, Bronze 100BK
Rebecca H – Silver 100FR, Bronze 200MR 15&O Relay
Katelyn H – Silver 200FL
Declan K – Silver 100BR, 200BR, Bronze 200FR
Lauren M – Silver 200MR 11-12 Relay
Jared M – Gold 200MR 13-14 Relay
Ava N – Silver 400IM, 200MR 11-12 Relay
Hana O – Silver 200MR 11-12 Relay
Charlotte W – Silver 100BR, 200BR
Nadege W – Bronze 200IM

Annual Mayor’s Cup:

Cameron A – Bronze 200IM, 100BK
Charlie B – Silver 100FL
Julia C – Bronze 100FL
Andrew M – Gold 100BR, Silver 200IM
Evan M – Silver 50BR, Bronze 100BR
Keira S – Bronze 50BK
D’Arcy M – Bronze 50FL, 50BK
Lyla N – Bronze 200IM, 100BK
Veronica P – Silver 100FR, 200IM, 100BK, Bronze 50BK, 50FR
Jessie P – Bronze 200FR
Jonah Q – Silver 100FR
Aiden R – Bronze 200IM
Moorea R – Gold 100BK, Silver 100FL, Bronze 200IM
Finn R – Gold 100BR, Silve 100FL, Bronze 50FR
Justin S – Silver 50BK
Gyidi S – Bronze 50FL
Eric T – Silver 100BR, 50FR, 100FR, 200FR

CR “C” Championships:

Kyler B – Gold 400FR, Silver 200FR, Bronze 50FR, 100BK, 200IM
Justin B – Gold 100BK, Bronze 100FL
Martina C – Silver 400FR, Bronze 200BR, 200FR-15&O Relay
Paul C – Silver 50FR, Bronze 100FL
Addison G – Silver 200MR 11-12 Relay
Mackenzie – Gold 200IM, 100BK, Silver 200MR 11-12 Relay
Bethany H – Bronze 200FR 15&O Relay
Andrew M – Gold 100BR
Evan M – Gold 100BR, Bronze 200BR
Lyla N – Silver 200BK
Laura O – Gold 200FR,
Atchayan S – Bronze 50FR
Saoirse T – Gold 100FR, Silver 100BK, 200MR 11-12 Relay
Eric T – Silver 200FR, Bronze 50FR
Charlotte W – Silver 200IM, Bronze 50FR, 100BK, 200BK, 200FR 15&O Relay
Claire Y – Gold 50FR

Our medalist from the Ontario Summer Festival was Hana O, winning both the 100m and 200m Breaststroke!

Ontario Youth-Junior Summer Championships:
SCAR Finishes 6thOverall in Team Points! Congrat’s to Claire N who won the Women’s 14-Year-Old High Point Trophy! 

Olivia B – Gold 100BR, 200BR
Mikaela B – Gold 100FL, 400MR 14&U Relay, Silver 400IM, Bronze 200IM
Alyse B – Gold 400MR 14&U Relay, Bronze 100BK
Quin G – Gold 200BK, Silver 400IM, 400MR 14&U Relay
Sarah J – Gold 100BR, 200BR, 400MR 14&U Relay
Jared M – Gold 100FL, Silver 400MR 14&U Relay, Bronze 200FL, 200IM
Tulsie Akash NS – Silver 400MR 14&U Relay, Bronze 100BR
Claire N – Gold 50FR, 100FR, 100FL, 400MR 14&U Relay
Asahi O – Gold 100FL

Ontario Swimming (Provincial) Championships:

Congrat’s to our finalists in Sam B, Janelle G, and Asahi O! Sam B was also our 400 IM LCM Bronze medalist. Sam also qualified for Canadian Junior Nats in the 200IM on this weekend. Great job! 

Once again it was another big year for SCAR, and we’re only continuing to trend upwards! Our results have spoken for themselves at championship meets, with our club continuing to develop our own swimmers here at home. From putting 11 swimmers on our Eastern Canadian Championship team, to another 7 on our Canadian Junior National team, things are just getting started. We are also so proud of both Sam B and Asahi O, SCAR’s two qualifiers thus far for the 2020 Olympic Trials. Well done, everyone! 

Have a great summer and we’ll see you all in September! Thank you as well to all of those who joined us for Swim Savvy 2019 at TPASC this past July. 

Chris Ellul
Head Coach
Scarborough Swim Club