Full Stroke: November 2019

Chris Ellul

Full Stroke: November 2019 Newsletter

High Performance & Gold

First of all I would like to thank all of our wonderful meet managers, organizers, volunteers and officials for helping to make our Cindy Nicholas Memorial a tremendous success. Scarborough’s first hosted competition of the year turned out to be the largest of the fall invitational meets taking place at the Markham Pan Am Pool, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

The HP-Gold swimmers had some positive performances for early in the season, following their first meet only two weeks prior. While I was unfortunately unable to be in attendance on the Saturday and Sunday due to an emergency, I was happy to see my swimmers step up and competing hard. The first couple of meets of the year allow us to work out the rust, as well as refine our racing skills ahead of a long season.

Congratulations to my following Cindy Nicholas medalists…
Heidi A – Bronze 50BK
Sam B – Gold 200IM, 400FR, Bronze 400IM
Mikaela B – Gold 200/400IM, 50/100FR, 50/100FL, 200BK; Silver 200FL; Bronze 100BK
Alyse B – Silver 200IM, 50/200BK, Bronze 100FL
Karim C – Bronze 50/100FR, 50/200FL, 200FR
Quin G – Gold 200BK, 400IM, Bronze 50/100BK, 400FR
Claire N – Bronze 50FLAsahi O – Gold 50FL, 100FL, 200BR; Silver 50/100BR, 100FR, 400IM; Bronze 200IM
Daniel X – Gold 50FL, 200BR; Silver 100FL

Our 2018-2019 Awards Banquet had both a fantastic turnout as well as three wonderful guests gracing us with their presence. Our Club was so happy to have Taylor Ruck, Kierra Smith, and Rebecca Smith all join us to sit in on our award’s proceedings, as well as take group photos with our Certificate of Accomplishment winners. Thank you very much to our guests, and best of luck this season. 
Congratulations to all of our deserving award winners. The Scarborough Swim Club is extremely proud of you all!

SCAR’s Annual General Meeting had one of the very best and largest turnouts in recent years, and I would like to thank all of those who were able to make it. Our AGM is so important to not only reflecting on our previous seasons and successes, but where we are moving forward. Having the ability to address topics and answer important questions is vital to our Club’s continued evolution as we grow and develop our swimmer’s futures.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Sam Bereza for winning HP-Gold’s Swimmer of the Month for November. Sam’s work ethic is never in question, and it’s one thing when your coach notices, but it’s another when your entire group knows and recognizes it. Sam continues to be coachable and open to any and all feedback received on a daily basis. Her ability to listen, adapt, and get the work done make her personal ceiling for swimming achievement limitless. Continue training the way you want to race. Great job!

Chris Ellul
Head Coach
[email protected]

Silver & Senior Select

November was a very productive month for both the Senior Select and Silver groups. I’ve noticed that the swimmers in these groups are becoming more reliable and consistent in the things I’m asking them to do, and the workouts have been improving steadily throughout the month.

Our 43rd Annual Cindy Nicholas Memorial competition from November 8-10 had some great swims, showing improvements in race strategy and habits in the water. I was happy to see the swimmers working on executing the game plan given to them, regardless of how difficult it was. Medalists are listed below:

Justin – 2 silver
Isabella – 1 bronze
Skyyler – 2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze
Joyce – 2 bronze
Sarah – 2 gold, 2 silver 
Declan – 2 gold, 2 bronze
Ava – 1 silver
Hana – 7 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze
Kosei – 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze

There were also a few notable swims from the meet. Charlie’s 200m freestyle, where he dropped 9.5 seconds off his previous PB and attacked the race from the start, was a great example of sticking to a game plan regardless of how tiring the race is. Skyyler’s 100m backstroke also demonstrated how sticking to the game plan will help you be more successful, as he maintained 6-8 kicks off every wall, dropping 6.5 seconds and winning gold. 

From the Silver group, the Swimmer of the Month is Ava. From the Senior Select group, the Swimmer of the Month is Tristan. Both of these swimmers have shown hard work and reliability this month in the pool and have had a great month of training. 

I’m looking forward to the Windsor and Vaughan meets in December as we’ve increased training intensity and volume, and swimmers should approach the meets with confidence and determination. 


Phil Garcia
Head Age Group Coach
[email protected]

Bronze & Junior Select

Looking back on November we were focused on our underwater criteria 3m-3 kicks-3 strokes. Your swimmers were quick to adapt. Now the trick is to maintain these criteria in exhaustion (distance and speed). We will be breaking down longer distance to maintain the criteria and establish a race strategy for those heading into the 400m at Windsor. In addition, increasing the stroke distance to sustain technique.

We do have a holiday schedule coming out for December. I understand many of you will have plans but hope you will do your best to attend as many practices as possible. We will be increasing intensity so your swimmers will come home with Santa like rosy cheeks. 


Julia Cervera - has maintained her attendance and adapts practices so she can continue to train

Nazli Hart - has maintained an almost perfect attendance and works hard to absorb feedback

Laura Watts
Age Group Coach
[email protected]

Development A

We have now reached the beginning of the very last month of the year 2019! November has been quite a busy month filled with exciting events that have surely motivated us. My Development swimmers, along with Coach Patrick’s groups have been working endlessly to be familiar with all our group standards and criteria. The past two swim meets, Orangeville and Cindy Nicholas have provided good evidence to show how hard our swimmers have been working to be the best versions of themselves in the water. We as a group have taken some time during our workouts to talk about the common mistakes that we can make in the water, and certain things we need to practice to avoid consistently making those mistakes. I have discussed with all of our swimmers what I’d like them to think about when setting their individual goals. They should all be able to tell you ONE thing that they are individually working on.

Special congratulations to my Cindy Nicholas medalists:

Imogen B – Silver 50FR; Bronze 100BR
Claire Y – Gold 50BK; Silver 100FR, 100BK, 100/200IM; Bronze 50FR, 50FL, 100BR

Keep up the great work girls! :)

Our Development Holiday Christmas Pool Party will be taking place at Laurier Collegiate Pool on Friday, December 20th. Coach Patrick and I are planning to do a small Secret Santa gift exchange for both groups with a maximum amount of $15. Be unique, creative, and make your gifts meaningful! 

Moving forward, we have been reaching the point in our training where we, as a group are starting to get familiar with all the standards that are to be met during training and competition. The past few weeks have been focused strictly on maintaining a proper head and body position. It is very important that we put as much effort in our every single night of training. I would like to remind everybody that a skipping rope during activation, and a water bottle on deck is always a part of your equipment. 

Our Swimmers of the Month are Mayoori Giritharan from the A12-13 group, and Wesley Taylor from our A11&U group. Both have demonstrated great leadership skills and initiative throughout the past month. These two swimmers make sure they know what the workout is, but also understand why it is being practiced. They’re always eyes and ears open when instructions are provided, and it goes a long way. Keep up the great work!

Cassia Cidro
Development Coach
[email protected]

Development B

November was a great month of swimming for our group. We had a lot of hard but very technical training that I think will surge us into the last month of the year. We’ve also been a little more on top of dry land in our activation that is improving our strength and mobility. 

Some new things we have been working on in practice is adding a little more distance integrated into our practices. While we have been adding more metres into practice we haven’t let that deteriorate our technical abilities. One thing that I have been talking about with the swimmers recently is that even when we start to feel uncomfortable when we get tired, it’s important to always keep our focuses (Hitting standards and holding technique) at the top of our priorities. 

While we have been working on our mobility and strength throughout our activation, it’s important to know that no matter what,  before any of the swimmers get in the water they must complete their full activation. With that being said it’s important that the swimmers arrive on time and ready to start activation 15 minutes before we hop into the water. 

Cindy Nicholas Meet: I would like to highlight some swims from the meet that stood out to me. 
Justin – 200 freestyle in a time of 2:50.6
Issac – 200 backstroke 3:32.3
Alexis – 400 freestyle 6:38.5
Eric – 100 fly 1:35.6
William – 200 breast 3:47.1

The Swimmer of the Month for the 12-13 group is Justin. Justin has taken a big step forward in his training recently and has put in a bunch of focused, technical, and hard work in every practice. He has also had stellar attendance throughout the month. Great work Justin!

For the 11&U group; the Swimmer of the Month is Aliya. Aliya has also had stellar attendance throughout the month and has also been one of the hardest workers in the group. She has also taken on a little bit more of a leadership role helping her teammates through practice and activation. Awesome work this month Aliya!

Patrick Garcia
Development Coach
[email protected]