Full Stroke: December 2019

Chris Ellul

Full Stroke Newsletter: December 2019

High Performance & Gold

Happy New Year!

December sure kept us busy, with a few competitions that provided excellent results. This was our first peak opportunity of the season, with Vaughan, Windsor, or O.J.I. as their championship meet ahead of the New Year. This important time was the end of our then first periodization (season within a season). Vaughan was great, and our team trip to Windsor was lots of fun once again, providing swimmers the opportunity to live and breathe swimming as an athlete in a controlled environment. Thank you, Swimmers, for representing the Scarborough Swim Club so well as always.

To cap off December, Ontario Junior International was hosted at TPASC with teams from all over the nation as well as Great Britain and Japan. SCAR sent both Sam and Asahi, in addition to our High-Performance Centre and Ontario Swim Academy members (Finlay, Chiok Sze, and Emma). While Sam swam to some excellent results following her great Windsor weekend, Asahi managed to get himself into finals in each of his 50, 100, and 200m breaststroke events. Asahi’s top finish was 10th overall in the 100m BR!

December’s Swimmer of the Month is awarded to Mikaela. While managing a busy schedule it doesn’t seem to stop her from getting to workout and maximizing her time in the water. Like she says herself, “no excuses”. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Notable Mentions:

Olivia B swam to one of her very best meets and capped it off with one of the top performances of the weekend, with her amazing comeback win for Gold in the 200m Breaststroke!
Mikaela B had monster performances in her Medley, Butterfly, and Backstroke races, landing on the podium each time as SCAR’s top point-getter.
Quin G had himself a meet, making major strides in especially his Medley and Backstroke events. Hard work pays off!
Jared M had a big weekend in Windsor, absolutely hammering his SC pb’s. Milestones were achieved by both breaking 1:00 in the 100m Butterfly, as well as breaking :30 in the 50m Backstroke.

Medalists: Windsor – Border City Invitational (Dec 6-8)

Heidi A – Bronze 100FL
Olivia B – Gold 200BR; Bronze 200IM
Sam B – Gold 200IM, 400IM; Silver 400FR; Bronze 200FR
Mikaela B – Gold 50FL, 100FL, 200FL, 50BK, 100BK, 200BK; Silver 100FR, 200IM
Quin G – Gold 200BK; Silver 100BK; Bronze 50BK, 200IM, 400IM
Jared M – Silver 50FL, 100FL

Medalists: Vaughan – Roy Jacobson Invitational (Dec 6-8)

Alyse B – Gold 100FL, 200BK, 200IM, 100BK; Silver 100FR, 200FR
Karim C – Gold 50FR, 100FR, 200FR, 100BK; Silver 100FL, 100BR

Chris Ellul
Head Coach
[email protected]

Silver, Senior Select

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are geared up and ready to go for the New Year! The Senior Select and Silver groups have continued to increase their training throughout the month of December as we now set our sights on championship competitions in February and March. We have been reiterating the same thing for the past few weeks which are: show up (maintain your attendance), and train hard (bring mental and physical intensity). By doing these things, over time we should expect to see improvement in terms of stroke form and competition speed.

As we head into January and prepare for long course competitions the goals for both groups continue to be on improving training habits and seeing improvement during practice daily. December was a great month with some fast swimming at the Border City Invitational at Windsor and Roy Jacobson Invitational in Vaughan. I’d like to highlight the medalists at both competitions below.

Skyyler – Gold 50FL; Silver 200IM, 50FR, 100FR, 100FL, 50BK
Sarah – 100BR Bronze
Declan – Silver 200FL
Hana – Gold 100FR, 200IM; Silver 100FL
Kosei – Gold 200BR; Bronze 100FL
Tristan – Gold 400FR; Bronze 200IM, 200BR
Demi – Gold 200IM, 100BK, 100FR, 200FR, 100FL, 50FR\

Some notable swims from Border City (as I was not in attendance at Vaughan) include Ava’s 200BR where she dropped from 17th to 7th while dropping 12.58 seconds and getting under the 3:00 mark for the first time. Amber also had a great 200BK where she dropped 7.16 seconds while maintaining 8 kicks of every wall and showing great form.

From the Silver group, Swimmer of the Month goes to Brianna. Brianna has shown high levels of consistency and effort throughout the season, and particularly in December. She also had a great meet in Windsor, going 100% best times at the meet. 

In the Senior Select group, Swimmer of the Month goes to Amber again as she has continued to show dedication and effort daily.

Finally, I would like to highlight two swimmers who have earned their spot in different groups. From the Silver group, Declan will now be training full time with the Gold group after being “On-The-Move” since the beginning of the year. From the Senior Select group, Tristan will be joining the Silver group full time as well. Both swimmers have demonstrated the ability to compete and train with their new groups, and I’m excited to see their continued improvement.


Phil Garcia
Head Age Group Coach
[email protected]

Bronze, Junior Select

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year! I was so pleased with the number of swimmers that were able to make it to practice over the holiday. December flew by, it kicked off with the Border City Invitational and Roy Jacobson meets. A quick two weeks of hard work and then into the holiday training. Prior to the holiday we completed our mid season test sets in which everyone put in their best efforts! It was a clear demonstration of the hard work each swimmer has put into training thus far.

I was pleased to hear from Chris, Phil and Cassia that our swimmers shined at the Border City Invitational with personal bests and team spirit. A few notable swims from that weekend (Roy Jacobson included) included:

Emma - Gold - 100 Fly, Bronze - 50 FR and 200 IM
Lincoln - Gold - 50 Fly, Bronze 50 BR and 50 BK
Izabella - top 10 placements in 5 events
Mackenzie - Silver - 100 Fly, Bronze - 50 Fly
Nina - Gold - 200 BR, Bronze -50 FR
Declan - Gold - 100 Fly, Silver - 200 IM, Bronze - 50/100/400 FR and 100 BR
Aaron - Gold -200 BR, Silver - 100 BR, Bronze - 50/200 FR and 200 IM
Joshua - Bronze - 200 BR

January brings a new year and more tough and technical training. Bronze has two back to back long course meets (12 and under - one is short course) and Jr. is participating in our club hosted Winter Classic. The first and last 5m of each length can make or break a swim. This will be a key focus as we keep our heads down, kick hard and power into the wall. 

Our swimmers of the month are Mackenzie and Joshua. Mackenzie has established herself as a leader in the group. She shows tremendous persistence and strength during difficult sets but consistently finishes with a smile. Joshua has shown great commitment to his training with a solid attendance. He is quiet at practice but don’t underestimate him, he works hard, and it showed at the Roy Jacobson meet where he finished third in the 200 BR.

Laura Watts
Age Group Coach
[email protected]

Development A (11&U, 12-13)

The last month of the year has already gone! Our group of swimmers have endlessly been working on improving their aerobic skills in the water by completing repetitive rounds of drills while sticking to their criteria. All who have participated in the Roy Jacobson meet, although with my absence had performed their absolute best. Special Congratulations to Claire Yang for coming in 1st place overall in Girls 10U 50m Fly, 2nd place in 50m Back, 2nd place in 100m Fly, and 3rd overall in 200m IM, Tori Crouse in 1st place for Girls 10U 100m Backstroke, Georgia Middleton for coming in 1st place for 50m Back and 2nd place in 100m Backstroke, Sayeli Jacob for coming in 3rd overall for Girls 10U 50m Breaststroke, Wesley Taylor for coming in 3rd overall in Male 10U 50m Fly, Feliziana Ling for placing in 3rd overall in Girls 11U 200m Freestyle, Samara Rahman 3rd place in 50m Backstroke, and Cayden Melgar-Rivas 3rd in Male 12U 50m Backstroke. Well done everybody! Keep up the good work.

Swimmers listed above are the ones who have ranked 3rd overall and up in their age group. Many of our swimmers have also worked not only to be in the top 10 of their age groups, but also proving their stroke efficiency in the water as they competed. Our group of swimmers, old and new are all in a path of different, but effective progression.

Quick reminder once again that it is a must that every swimmer always carry all of their equipment with them at all times. That again includes their water bottles and skipping ropes along with their fins, kickboard, snorkel, and their pull buoy in their mesh bags. They are to change into their athletic wear and shoes and not to activate in the ones they wear outdoor.

Moving forward, we have one last short course meet (Scarborough Winter Classic) taking place in our home Pool, Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. This will be our chance for qualifying in the Short Course Championships happening in the month of February and March. All of our swimmers are to compete and perform all of what they had previously learned regarding Minimum strokes, and Maximum speed. I have discussed with all of the swimmers their own individual goals and focus in the next upcoming practices.

It is always a priority that everyone in our groups attend all four practices every week, on time and ready to activate by the time provided. It is highly recommended that we all arrive 10-15 minutes prior to starting their team activation to avoid taking time away from their workout.

It’s a New Year! I hope everyone had a happy holiday spent with their families and loved ones. It is a great time to shake things off after our well-deserved vacation and work harder than before. I also want to remind parents that both our 12U, and 11U swimmers had organized a secret Santa exchange gift before the holidays. If your swimmer had not yet received, or given one, please feel free to contact me. I have discussed it with the group prior to the holidays if everyone’s name should be included, therefore it was. First day back from the Holiday Training season, I’d like to welcome everyone back!

Our swimmers of the month for December is Claire Yang in our 11U, and Georgia Middleton in our 12/13 groups. Congratulations ladies!! These two individuals have shown great commitment through the past couple of practices since their last competition. They have worked endlessly to have something completed correctly that they couldn’t do prior. Whether that’d be improving on their kick or improving their pace. Keep up the great work ladies!

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me through my email at any time.

Best Regards,

Cassia Cidro
Development A
[email protected]

Development B (11&U, 12-13)

Happy new year to everyone! What a great year we’ve had at Scarborough and I can’t wait to see what SCAR can do in the new decade!

A few things that we have been working on in the past month has been the attention to detail in our dry land activities for activation and our ability to put together all four strokes through working on timing. Luckily for us when working on dry land it really helps the swimmers become more coordinated and have better spacial awareness. These things are vital for the swimmers in order to figure out the timing of each stroke. I’ve noticed such big improvements from all swimmers with the timing of their strokes and the over all strength that they have.

Notable swims/medals at Roy Jacobson:
William: 3rd place in the 50 breast!
Isaac: 3rd place in the 50 back!
Eric: 3rd place in the 100 freestyle, and 2nd place in the 50 freestyle and 100 fly!

Swimmers of the month:
12-13:  Sumaya has shown great dedication and hard work throughout the month. She has been willing to ask questions on how she can improve, and she has been diligent at making it to every practice. Because of this she deserves the title of swimmer of the month! Great work, Sumaya!

11U:  Isaac has also had a great month of swimming. He has been more focused than I’ve ever seen from him and because of this he is swimming at an all time high. Isaac has been very good at taking each practice and each activation seriously, this is going to show even more when he races again and crushes it at the next meet! Great work Isaac!

Moving forward:  A few things. Thank you all for your patience with the pool closures and with all the schedule changes! I’m glad we have Cedarbrae open again! Please make sure to double check the schedule updates to see what at what time will you be swimming on Thursdays. Thank you again for your continued patience.


Patrick Garcia
Development B
[email protected]