Full Stroke: January 2020

Chris Ellul

Full Stroke: January 2020

High Performance & Gold

Hello Everyone,

Heading into January, HP-Gold swimmers began their second season within a season. Following the Holidays, swimmers are challenged to build off what they’ve done to date. We knew 2020 would begin with back-to-back meet weekends, and it’s these meets early in each periodization that we train through, rather than for. This is because swimmers cannot simply peak at every single competition on our schedule. We work through many, and prep for the one’s that count the most. While this is all well and good, I come back to whether swimmers have done the specific work necessary to hit their stride when it matters. It is no secret to my swimmers (as we discuss this often) that you are a direct result of your training. When your time to peak comes along, you’ve either put the time and work in – or not.

Swimmers are reminded of our ‘Character ARC’: Accountability, Reliability, and Coachability. While some are naturals at handling their business on a day-to-day basis, others still have work to do with simple “buy-in”. With parents supporting, athletes working, and coaches coaching, swimmers will give themselves the best chance at improvement and success.

Many swimmers have performed well early in our long course season, hitting close-to or surpassing their championship long course times from last year. This was evident at both the MAC Winter Invite, as well as SCAR Winter Classic. I’d also like to take this time to thank our meet managers, volunteers, officials, and sponsors, for helping to make our annual Winter Classic an enormous success. We cannot do it without you.

The month of January most recently finished with our first regional meet of the year, with “A” Long Course Champs. Congratulations to our SCAR swimmers that swam hard into finals and battled all weekend long. This was our first look at what we really want to achieve come Ontario Swimming and Youth-Junior Championships in March. We also have swimmers training for both “B” Championships and GTA Skins. Be on the lookout for our wrap-up come the end of February.

Congrat’s also goes out to Declan, our January Swimmer of the Month. As stated in our notable mentions below, Declan has been on an absolute roll. This should come as no surprise as Declan consistently seeks what he can do better. He is always listening and learning, executing what is expected of him come race day. Well done!

Notable Mentions:

Sam B (A’s) – Qualifies for Canadian Seniors (400 IM), and Juniors (800 FR).
Mikaela B (A’s) – Qualifies for first Canadian Olympic Trials (100 FL) placing her 3rd overall in Canada. (MAC) Mikaela’s 50 FL places her 1st in Canada, while 50BK places 2nd overall.
Karim C (A’s) – Qualifies for first Eastern Canadian Championships (50, 100 FR).
Alyse B (A’s) – Qualifies for Easterns (50 BK) placing her 9th overall in Canada.
Declan M (A’s, MAC, SCAR) – A big tip of the cap to Declan, who has been on an absolute tear through January, taking major steps towards some of his very big goals with big swims everywhere on this weekend.

Medalists: MAC Winter Invitational (Jan 10-12)

Sam B – Silver 200FL; Bronze 400IM
Mikaela B – Gold 200IM, 50FL
Alyse B – Bronze 50BK, 100BK
Karim C – Silver 50FL
Quin G – Bronze 200BK
Declan M – Bronze 200FL

Medalists: SCAR Winter Classic (Jan 17-19)

Sam B – Gold 800FR; Silver 400FR, 400IM; Bronze 200IM
Mikaela B – Gold 50FR, 200FR, 100BK, 100FL, 200FL, 200IM; Silver 200BK, 400IM
Alyse B – Silver 100BK; Bronze 50FR, 200BK, 400IM
Karim C – Gold 50FR, 100FR; Bronze 200FR, 800FR
Declan M – Silver 200FL, 200BK; Bronze 400IM
Asahi O – 1st 200BR

Central Region “A” Long Course Championships (Jan 30-Feb 2)

Sam B – Silver 400IM; Bronze 200IM, 800FR
Mikaela B – Bronze 100FL, 200FL, 200IM
Karim C – Bronze 50FR, 100FR
Declan M – Bronze 200BK,
Girls 13-14, Silver – 200 Medley Relay: Alyse, Sarah, Mikaela, Isabella


Chris Ellul
Head Coach
[email protected]

Silver, Senior Select

Hello everyone,

January was an eventful month, with 2 competitions and the start of A Champs. Both groups have started 2020 off on a high note, and there have been some great practices and races early on.  We have been preparing for our targeted championship meets in February and March and trained through the Markham meet and our hosted competition at TPASC. Nonetheless, there were some great swims, so I’d like to highlight some of the medalists from those two meets, as well as A Champs

Medalists: MAC Winter Invitational
Justin – Gold – 200IM, Silver
William – Bronze – 200Fly
Skyyler – 2 gold, 1 silver, Bronze – 50Fly
Ava – Silver – 50Fly
Hana – Bronze – 100BR
Kosei – Silver – 100BR

Medalists: Scarborough Winter Classic
Sarah – Silver – 100BR, 200BR
Kosei – Silver – 100BR 

Some notable swims from these meets include Ava’s 200IM where she dropped over 13 seconds, placing fourth, and Skyyler’s 100Fly where he dropped over 4 seconds. William also had a great 200Fly, dropping more than 12 seconds and qualifying for Festivals. Evan had a great meet at the Scarborough Winter Classic, and specifically raced well in his 100BR where he took off a second and a half.

From the Silver group, the Swimmer of the Month is Sarah due to her continued focus and effort in the pool in training and competition, as well as during all dryland work. From the Senior Select group, the Swimmer of the Month is Evan, as he has been training at a higher intensity each and every practice and continues to have a great attitude and team spirit. Both swimmers have shown hard work and reliability this month in the pool and have had a great month of training.

I’m looking forward to the championship meets in February and March, as the work has been done and now it is time to race!


Phil Garcia
Head Age Group Coach
[email protected]

Bronze, Junior Select

January was a month of managing expectations. As championship season approached swimmers directed their focus on qualifying times instead of training. This caused many swimmers to be disappointed in their meet results. We had an open conversation about training the way you want to race. If the focus and effort are not present in practice (including activation) you can only get so far. It is of course an accomplishment to make a championship meet however it is so important that qualifying times are not highlighted. We took this opportunity to step back and review a few fundamentals including 3m-3 kicks- 3strokes and a confident consistent kick.

Medalists: MAC Winter Invitational 

Emma - Gold - 50 BK, 100 Fly, 200IM, Silver - 200BK, 100 BK, 400 FR, 200 FR, 100 FR, Bronze  - 50 FR
Mackenzie - Silver - 200 Br
Declan - Gold -  200 BR, Silver - 100 BK, Bronze - 100 Fly, 50 Fr
Lyla - Bronze - 50 fly

Medalists: SCAR Winter Classic

Emma - Gold 200 Fr, Bronze 100 BK 200IM
New B qualification - Jonah - 200 BR
New Festival qualification - Mackenzie - 100 Fly

Our Swimmers of the Month are Hirushi (JR) and Kamea (Bronze). Hirushi puts so much heart into every practice. If I ask her to do 10 kicks off the wall she does 10. If I asked her to spin in a circle and touch her toes that’s exactly what she does. Kamea has taken every opportunity to ask for corrections and understand where she can improve her strokes/starts/turns. Through this commitment to improve she has seen improvements in all four strokes.

Laura Watts
Age Group Coach
[email protected]

Development B (11&U, 12-13)

Hello everyone,

What a great start to the new year with a bunch of really great meets and a lot of learning over the past month. Some things that we have been working on recently such as our under water work as well as our breakouts have really made each swimmer a lot better in the water. I really appreciate the focused work from the swimmers and because of that focus, the swimmers are swimming very well.

We had two meets in the month of January being the Scarborough Winter Classic and Central Region “A” Champs.

At Our hosted meet in Scarborough, there were a lot of really excellent swims that I would like to highlight:

Isaac in the 200 backstroke going a 3:06 coming in 3rd place and qualifying for his first Festivals!
Eric in the 50 freestyle going 33.0 and coming in 3rd place!
Justin in the 50 freestyle with a super fast time of :31.5 and qualifying him for “A” champs!
Isaiah in the 200 breast going 3:44 and also qualifying for his first “A” champs!
Will 200 breaststroke qualifying for his first “C” Champs in a time of 3:37

For the 11&U group the swimmer of the month will be Eric. Eric has also shown great dedication to coming into practice and working very hard. Eric has been able to see great improvement from week to week by staying focused on the set that we’re doing at the time and by having exceptional listening skills. 

From the 12-13 group the swimmer of the month is Will B. Will has shown great dedication over the past month in going to every practice and being reliable at showing up on time. Will has also shown a great deal of growth in practice and I can see a great rest of the season for him if he keeps this up!

Great work! Let’s carry all this momentum forward and going into the rest of the season!

Patrick Garcia
Development B
[email protected]