Full Stroke News: February-March 2020

Chris Ellul

Full Stroke Newsletter: February-March 2020

High Performance & Gold

Hello Everyone,

February is always a busy time of year and this year was no different with SCAR swimmers attending many different meets around the Greater Toronto Area. This past month saw swimmers compete at the Central Region “B” and “C” Championships, GTA Skins, and the Winter Ontario Festival Championships. I’ve also included updates and results from our most recent Winter Ontario Youth-Junior and Swimming Championship meets (March 5-8).

We had collectively worked towards our first peak performance time of the season back in December ahead of our Windsor team travel meet (as well as Vaughan Invite). January began our second macrocycle leading into the March and April championship meets where many swimmers once again hit their stride looking to hit their second peak. This is not an easy task, as all athletes must learn to deal with the stresses of schoolwork, exams, remaining healthy, and all while maintaining excellent attendance. Too often at this time of year swimmers find themselves missing more than their fair share of workouts. Learning to juggle both life away from the pool and at the pool is an ongoing challenge through secondary school. However, I am proud to have seen so many of our swimmers manage themselves appropriately, and deliver. From here we look to finish strong into our spring championship meets, followed by our third and final periodization that will take us through the end of the school year. 

I’d like to recognize Quin George as our HP-Gold swimmer of the month for February-March. Quin is a reliable leader with our group, constantly working towards maximizing his gains throughout any given set and focus. While these elements are expected from all of my athletes on a daily basis, he finds a way to elevate himself, effectively putting him into an ideal performance state for when it matters most. Congratulations to Quin on his recent accomplishment of officially qualifying for his Eastern Canadian Championships. 

Medalists and Notable Mentions:
A warm “National-Congratulations” goes out to our Scarborough Swim Club swimmers that qualified this season for national level meets through end of March 2020.  They are:

Velica M, Heidi A, Sam B, Mikaela B, Alyse B, Karim C, Quin G, Katelyn H, Sarah J, Declan M, Jared M, Claire N, and Asahi O. Congratulations to those swimmers who have also worked tirelessly to accomplish new feats this season. Continue to be consistent and execute every day, training the way you want to race. 

Central Region “B”
Victor – Bronze 50 FR, 4th 200 FR
Brogan – 9th 200 BK
Charlotte – 9th 100 FL, and crushed her 800 FR game plan!
Nadege – 5th 200 BK
9th Women’s 15&O 200 Medley Relay – Nadege, Brianna, Charlotte, Madeleine!

GTA Skins
Olivia – Bronze 50 BR
Mikaela – Gold 50 BK, Qualifies for 1st Senior Canadian Championships in the 50m Fly and Back!
Alyse – Bronze 100 BK
Jared – 5th 50 BK; Qualifies for Eastern Canadian Championships in the 50m Fly!
Asahi – 4th 50 BR; Qualifies for Eastern Canadian Championships in the 50m Breast!

Ontario Swimming Championships
Mikaela – 4th 100 FL and 100 BK, 5th 200 BK, 7th 200 FL, 8th 200 IM; Qualifies for Senior Canadian Championships in the 100m Fly!
Quin – Qualifies for 1st Eastern Canadian Championships in the 200m Back!
Asahi – 7th 200 BR, 9th 100 BR
Congrats to Velica, finishing 7th 100 FL and 9th 200 IM!

High Performance Centre Ontario affiliates:
Finlay Knox – Gold 200 IM, Bronze 100 FR
Taylor Ruck – Silver 100 BK, 100 FR and 200 FR
Rebecca Smith – Gold 200 FR, Bronze 100 FR

Ontario Swim Academy affiliates:
Chiok Sze – Bronze 50 FR and 100 FL, 8th 200 FL
Emma – Gold 50 and 100 FR, 4th 400 FR

Ontario Youth-Juniors – Congrat to our Women who placed 7th overall at the meet!
Alyse – 5th 200 BK, 8th 100BK
Karim – Silver 50 FR, 5th 100 BR, 7th 100 FR
Quin – Bronze 200 BK, 6th 100 BK
Katelyn – 4th 100 FL
Declan – Silver 400 IM, 4th 100 BK and 200 FL, 5th 200 IM, 7th 200 BK; Declan Qualifies for 1st Eastern Canadian Championships in 400 IM and 200 FL!
Jared – Silver 100 FL, 8th 200 IM, 9th 100 BK and 200 BK; Jared Qualifies for Eastern Canadian Champs in the 100 FL with a 1:00!

Gold, Men’s 14&U 200 Medley Relay – Declan, Kosei, Skyyler, Karim
Gold, Men’s 14&U 400 Medley Relay – Declan, Kosei, Skyyler, Karim
Gold, Men’s 14&U 200 Freestyle Relay – Karim, Skyyler, Kosei, Declan
Silver, Men’s 14&U 400 Freestyle Relay – Karim, Skyyler, Kosei, Justin
4th Women’s 14&U 200 Medley Relay – Alyse, Sarah, Ava, Isabella
4th Women’s 15&O 200 Medley Relay – Heidi, Olivia, Katelyn, Rebecca

Chris Ellul
Head Coach
Scarborough Swim Club
[email protected]

Silver & Senior Select

Hello everyone,

Now that we’re through the hectic championship season, I’d like to reflect on the performance in the Silver and Senior Select group. Overall, I was happy with how the two groups performed, with many swimmers stepping up and having excellent races. There will always be good and bad swims at championship meets, however I was happy with how the swimmers reacted to their performances, whether good or bad, showing signs of growth as athletes.

Here are some of the medalists from the meets in February and March:

B Champs
Isabella – Silver 100BR
Joyce – Silver 100FL; Bronze 200FL
Brianna – Silver 200BR

C Champs
Amber – Gold 100FL
Madeleine – Gold 50FR
Brianna – Bronze 400FR, 100FR

Ontario Youth-Junior Championships
Ava – Bronze 100FL
Kosei – Gold 100BR

There were also many noteworthy swims that didn’t result in a medal, and here are a few of those:
- Nairi’s 200FR at B Champs, executing the race strategy perfectly while dropping more than 2 seconds.
- Joyce’s 200FL at B Champs where she made adjustments from her preliminary swim and came back at night to drop over 6 seconds and qualify for OYJ
- Justin’s 200IM at Festivals where he demonstrated his technical improvements in all 4 strokes and dropped nearly 5 seconds.
- Evan’s 100FL at C Champs where he dropped over 2 seconds off of a recently swum PB, showcasing his great training as of late.
- Sarah’s prelim swim in the 100BR at OYJ where she showed control while qualifying for Easterns.

From the Silver group, Swimmer Of The Month goes to Justin as he has shown dedication and effort both in technical and intensity aspects of his training. Justin has made great strides this year due to focusing on technique and speed and I’m looking forward to his continued improvement over the coming years.

From the Senior Select group, Swimmer Of The Month goes to Amber. Amber has consistently shown high levels of focus and concentration in workout, and has seen technical improvements throughout the year. She also had some great swims throughout the championship season and always shows up ready to compete.

Phil Garcia
Head Age Group Coach
[email protected]

Bronze, Junior Select

It’s been a busy month but we all made it through! Congratulations to each and every swimmer on such a successful championship season! This month we had a high emphasis on turns. I like to say a wall is an opportunity for an additional boost. Where as most swimmers treat it like a rest stop it is our goal to take advantage of those with that mindset. We looked at the turn as a whole including the approach, the turn itself and the breakout that follows. Most were surprised to know that it was taking them 3-4 sec. from their last stroke into the wall to when their feet came off the wall. I gave them the challenge of reducing that to 1 second or less while maintaining form. A few hit this target, while most continue to work towards it. 

A Champs
Aaron - 100 Br - 10th
Declan - 200IM - 4th, 200 BR - 5th, 200 Fr - 10th
Mackenzie - 100 Fly - 10th
Emma - 100 Fly/200 Fr - Bronze, 400 Fr - 4th, 200 IM - 5th, 100 Fr - 6th, 400IM - 7th, 50 Fr - 8th

B Champs
Mackenzie - 100 Fly - 4th, 50 Fr - 8th, 100 Fr - 10th

Velica - new OSC qualification - 200IM 
Cameron - 200 BK - 10th

C Champs
Jonah - 100 Back - 5th
Kamea - 200 IM - 10th
Andrew - 200 BK - 8th, 100 BR - 2nd

Aaron - new OYJ qualification - 200 Br
Emma - 400IM - Bronze, 100 Fly - 4th, 200 Fr/400 Fr - 9th

Swimmers of the month: From Bronze, Jonah! He has really changed his mindset towards training, from trying to finish quickly to finishing with technical precision and I can already see the improvements! 

Velica takes the title for Jr. She is committed to improving! Absorbing feedback effortlessly to increase efficiency to each stroke. She saw success in her newly qualifying 200IM! 

Laura Watts
Age Group Coach
[email protected]

Development A (11&U, 12-13)

Hello Parents and Swimmers,

The short month of February filled with events, meets and non stop driving for you has finally come to past! Short Course Championships have taken place; A’s B’s and C’s, all of which we had representatives from both groups (11&U, 12-13) in Dev A. It has been an eye opening, exciting and also challenging competition for our swimmers. 

Special Congratulations to all our Development group swimmers who qualified and competed at the Central Region Championships (A, B, C) and GTA Skins!

Imogen Bouwman - 5th overall Girls 10U 100m Breast, 7th overall 50m Breast, 10th overall for 50m Free & 50m Back
Tori Crouse - 6th overall Girls 10U 100m Breast, 8th overall 50m Breast
Sayeli Jacob - 5th overall Girls 10U 50m Breast, 8th overall 50m Fly

Swimmers listed above represented our groups in an invitational meet (GTA SKINS) and have ranked 10th place overall. Many of our swimmers have also worked not only to be in the top 10 of their age groups, but also proving their stroke efficiency in the water as they competed. Our group of swimmers, old and new are all in a path of different, but effective progression. Way to go swimmers!! 

While staying on track, I continually remind swimmers that it is a must that everyone always carries all of their equipment with them at all times, with the exception of swim meets. That again includes their water bottles and skipping ropes along with their fins, kickboard, snorkel, and their pull buoy in their mesh bags. They are to change into their athletic wear and shoes and not to activate in the ones they wear outdoors.

Our groups have been focused mainly on their stroke efficiency, dives, turns, and fast pacing the past couple of weeks (anaerobic skills). With great results, it is encouraged that they are to remain concentrated and dedicated during practices. Before we know it, this year’s season will soon come to an end and we would like to finish stronger than how we started! It is a priority that everyone in both groups attend all four practices every week, on time and ready to activate by the time provided. It is highly recommended that we all arrive 10-15 minutes prior to starting their team activation to avoid taking time away from anyone else’s workout.

Our swimmers of the month are Tori Crouse from our 11U and William Craig from 12/13 groups! These two individuals have worked endlessly to not only improve, but also work on how they can efficiently use the skill that they have and turn it into something they can use to further improve their weaknesses in the water. Tori and Will have shown great perseverance towards their dives and breaststroke. They accomplished these with great confidence and positive attitude toward the stroke. Way to go guys! Keep up the great work!! 

Progress report cards have been sent out, if you have any questions or concerns, I am available to speak anytime after workouts or via email. 

Thank you, 

Coach Cassia
Development A
[email protected]

Development B (11&U, 12-13)


First off I would like to say that this past month was a fantastic month for the swimmers. A lot of fun and tough swim meets throughout the month and the swimmers stepped up to the challenge in a great way.  This is showing that learning the right skills in our sport is very important to becoming an excellent swimmer; not just hard training, but smart training.

This month we had a ton of meets and I would like to highlight some swims from those meets:

“B” champs:
Eric: Bronze 50 free

GTA Skins:
Aiden: Silver 50 free, 100 free, and 50 fly

“C” champs:
Isaiah: Gold 100 breast

These are just a few of the many fantastic swims that occurred over the past month. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season will hold for us. I know that with a lot of focus and smart training that we can make an even bigger splash at these meets coming into the long course season.

For the swimmers of the month I would like to award it to Aliya and Justin.

Aliya has shown so much growth this season and she has continued to put in so much effort in practice. Aliya has also really taken a step forward in her leadership as she continues to lead by example when we are in workout. She has also always taken it upon herself to make sure she is doing the right things in practice such as stroke counting and holding standards. Great work Aliya!

Justin has also been able to show an incredible work ethic and has really shown that he wants to take his swimming very seriously. Justin is always on top of things during the work out. Making sure he’s on the right pace, always knowing his stroke count, maintaining the standards that need to be held during each and every practice. This has luckily paid off as just has been able to swim very fast at the past few meets during the championship season and I can see him still improving every day. Great work Justin.

Thank you,

Patrick Garcia
Development B
[email protected]