Kilometre Club Winners: Scarborough to Victoria Edition

Chris Ellul

Hello Scarborough Swim Club,

We would like to congratulate all of our swimmers that participated in our Kilometre Club, and helped us to cover the distance from Scarborough to Victoria, BC. In doing so, you also helped us to reach the hometowns of our HPC-O representatives along the way! That is of course, Rebecca Smith (Red Deer, AB), Finlay Knox (Okotoks, AB), and Taylor Ruck (Kelowna, BC). Please have a look at our top winners listed below! These winners were originally announced on our Instagram. If you don't already follow us, please ensure you do using @scarswim!
Swimmers who placed in our overall top-3, as well as those who won their training group (1st) will receive a SCAR swim cap autographed by Rebecca, Taylor and Finlay (one cap per swimmer)! There's more good news though, with more caps available to be won during our next goal of reaching Tokyo. Swimmers will continue to add to their tallies they've already accumulated.

We're excited to announce that our Kilometre Club will continue all the way through Friday, July 23! This is of course the date of the opening ceremonies of the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo. Our goal is to reach Tokyo from Victoria, BC before these opening ceremonies. We're also asking SCAR family members within the same household to join our swimmers in logging kilometres. Please have a look at all the details included in our new tracking sheet (attached).


Kilometre Club Overall Top-3 Winners:

  • 1st Place - Eliana (Bronze), 324.0 km (Autographed cap winner!)
  • 2nd Place (tie) - Olivia (HP-Gold), 288.0 km (Autographed cap winner!)
  • 2nd Place (tie) - Kamea (Bronze), 288.0 km (Autographed cap winner!)
  • No 3rd Place winner, as per Olympic rules for 2nd Place tie.

HP-Gold Top-3 Winners: (Total group contribution = 2,137.5 km!)

  • 1st - Olivia, 288.0 km (Autographed cap winner!)
  • 2nd - Katelyn, 256.0 km
  • 3rd - Sam 192.0 km

Silver/Senior Select Top-3 Winners: (Total group contribution = 1,410.0 km!)

  • 1st - Hirushi, 200.0 km (Autographed cap winner!)
  • 2nd - Mackenzie, 190.0 km
  • 3rd (tie) - Brandon, 166.0 km
  • 3rd (tie) - Justin, 166.0 km

Bronze/Junior Select Top-3 Winners: (Total group contribution = 1,939.5 km!)

  • 1st - Eliana, 324.0 km (Autographed cap winner!)
  • 2nd - Kamea, 288.0 km
  • 3rd - Mahsen, 203.0 km

Development Group Top-3 Winners: (Total group contribution = 930.0 km!)

  • 1st - Chloe, 110.0 km (Autographed cap winner!)
  • 2nd - Adrija, 93.0 km
  • 3rd - Arshadha, 86.0 km


Keep those kilometres coming, Scarborough!

Chris Ellul
Head Coach / Director of Swimming
Scarborough Swim Club