Super 7 Series #1 & SCAR October Time Trial

Chris Ellul

Hello Scarborough Swim Club Members,

Our October 30th Time Trial was a lot of fun and long overdue. It's hard to believe we took part in our first competition in over 19 months. It is truly something when we think about the time spent out of the water. Nevertheless, where there's a challenge, there is also opportunity. We all know our story of how we survived and thrived over the last year and half, and it was certainly a wonderful sight to have racing provided to our swimmers once again.

While it is still early into our season, swimmers are hard at work reflecting on their goal-setting, managing early expectations, and focusing on progressing every day. At the Scarborough Swim Club, we are about the process, and specifically what you're doing every day in workout that will allow you to get back to where you were, and help you to get to where you want to go.

In addition to our October Time Trial, SCAR has worked closely with some neighbouring teams to create more of a competitive atmosphere for swimmers. Last season, I spoke of the partnership we established with other teams in and around our area. Head Coaches still currently meet once per month (and from March 2020), to share helpful information and initiatives with one another. This helped to keep all of our swimmers engaged with their sport during unprecedented times. What we created was the "Super 7", and "Super 7 Series" of racing.

The 7 teams include:

Scarborough Swim Club
Ajax Aquatic Club
Clarington Swim Club
Oshawa Aquatic Club
Pickering Swim Club
Trent Swim Club
Uxbridge Swim Club

Our plan throughout this season is to pool results together from designated sanctioned and unsanctioned competitions so swimmers may see how they fair. This is what we refer to as a virtual competition. Unfortunately not all teams have the resources to host sanctioned meets, and thus we share both official/unofficial(practice) recorded times. Our first window from October 16-31 was a success, with teams selecting a pentathlon of events that included one of two sets of events to participate in:

(a) 50 Free, Breast, Back, Fly, and 100 I.M.
(b) 100 Free, Breast, Back, Fly, and 200 I.M.

Coaches were able to enter and submit results from either (a) or (b), though swimmers were able to perform events outside of these scored races as well. SCAR and our wonderful Meet Managers in Kristen and Ted George volunteer to compile the first set of results from all seven clubs, and attached you will find the final results file.

Super 7 Series #1 Results (October 16-31)

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing racing once again, and as we continue to progress through the season we hope to see even more competitions, as well as seeing competition settings return to normal.

Great job swimmers!

Chris Ellul
Head Coach, Director of Swimming
Scarborough Swim Club