2022 Upcoming Meet Schedule

Chris Ellul

2022 Upcoming Meet Schedule (Updated: February 14, 2022)

Hello Scarborough Swim Club!

It is wonderful to be back with all of our swimmers in the water.  While everyone did a terrific job working hard through their January dryland, we know swimmers really want to be in the pool, and racing too! Below you will find updates on regional, provincial, and national spring racing plans, as well as SCAR’s plans for running some in-house time trials.

With regards to the March Break, and due to the most recent January shutdown, SCAR will continue its regular training throughout the week of March 14-19, 2022.

2022 Upcoming Meet Schedule:

  • February 26 – SCAR Winter Time Trial @ TPASC (all SCAR swimmers)
  • March 3-6 – Trials Selection Prep Invite @ TPASC (HP-exempted swimmers) 
  • March 17 and/or 18 – HP-Gold Time Trial (HP-G workout session)
  • *March 18-20 – Central Region “Large Teams” (qualifiers)
  • *March 25-27 – Central Region “Small Teams” (qualifiers)
  • April 5-10 – Canadian Swimming Trials (qualifiers)
  • April 7-10 – Spring Forward Invitational (qualifiers)
  • April 21-24 – Eastern Canadian Championships (qualifiers) 
  • May 27-29 – SCAR Pan Am Invitational (all SCAR swimmers)  

Additional Meet Information:

  • Coaches will ensure that their swimmers and families are aware of what meets they should be attending (qualified and otherwise).
  • It is important to note the SCAR is still actively looking to add more competition opportunities for all of our swimmers. Our upcoming meet schedule will continue to be updated at scarswimming.ca. Please also reach out to your child’s coach should you have anu questions.

SCAR Time Trial – February 26 (TPASC)

SCAR swimmers will have an in-house racing opportunity on Saturday, February 26.  This will be a team-event from 6:00-9:00am at TPASC with all of SCAR in attendance.  For the month of February, TPASC will have specific measures in place for racing, with clubs able to run time trials as in-house meets (SCAR only) during regular programmed times. It must also be a manually timed event.
We are in the midst of confirming the remaining details, and a meet package with a list of events will be posted shortly.  We ask at this time that you kindly confirm your child's attendance prior to the registration deadline of Friday, February 18.  There will also be information distributed for officiating needs.

Trials Selection Prep Invite – March 3-6 (TPASC)

This racing opportunity that replaces the originally planned weekend for Ontario Youth-Juniors and Ontario Swimming Championships is to provide HP-exempted swimmers who were able to train in January a meet to establish times ahead of April meets.
There will likely be impacts to SCAR’s regular training schedule from Thursday to Saturday of this week, however we are still awaiting confirmation from TPASC.

HP-Gold Time Trial – March 17 and/or 18 (TPASC)

During regular workout sessions, the HP-Gold group will have an opportunity to race in specialized events during a scheduled time trial(s) at TPASC.  More info on this to follow.

Central Region “Large Team” Champs – March 18-20 + “Small Team” Champs – March 25-27
(Markham Pan Am Pool)

Central Region is planning on running two regional meets (both short-course metres) primarily for qualifying opportunities for the Swim Ontario Spring Forward Invitational meets over the April 7-10 weekend (more on that below). The structure of both meets will be the same, but with different teams invited to each meet (all Central Region Clubs will be invited to one meet or the other, however they are still working on the split of teams).

Qualifying/De-qualifying requirements:

  • Meet De-qualifying – Swimmers qualified to swim at the Spring Forward Invitational (i.e. with one or more OYJ/Festival times) are ineligible to compete at Central Regions.
  • Meet Qualifying – Must have at least 1 qualifying event
  • Event Qualifying – At least ‘C’ qualifying times (and slower than OYJ/Festival)
  • Bonus Swims – Max 2 bonus swims (400’s unavailable for bonus selection)
  • Max number of swims – 6 total swims

Canadian Swimming Trials – April 5-10 (Victoria, BC)

At this time, qualifiers are eligible to attend. Unfortunately, there will no longer be time trials taking place each day after the prelim/heat sessions. There are also no bonus swims. This will not be a team travel meet. HP-Gold and Qualifiers will be provided information updates.

Spring Forward Invitational – April 7-10 (TPASC, Markham Pan Am, and Windor)

Swim Ontario will now be running the Spring Forward Invitational in three separate locations on the same April weekend. Clubs have been assigned to attend one of the three meets. Scarborough will compete at the TPASC-meet. There will be impacts to SCAR’s regular training schedule between Thursday and Saturday of this week. More info will be communicated once TPASC has confirmed.

Qualifying/De-qualifying requirements:

  • Meet De-qualifying – Swimmers qualified for Trials may compete, however, they may not race in any event where they meet any Trials qualifying standards
  • Meet Qualifying – 13&Under swimmers must have a Festival qualifying time, where 14&Over swimmers must have an Ontario Youth-Junior qualifying time

Age Groups for finals will be 14&Under, 15-16 & 17&Over.  A "B" final for 200m events or less will be considered if sufficient entries & time (TBC).

Eastern Canadian Championships – April 21-24 (Pointe-Claire, QC)

Qualifiers are eligible to compete at the Eastern Canadian Championships. As with the Canadian Trials, unfortunately there are no time trials nor bonus swims being offered. Dependant on qualifiers eligible to attend, this may be a team-travel meet.

SCAR Annual Pan Am Invitational – May 27-29 (TPASC)

The Scarborough Swim Club is planning to host its largest meet of the swimming season in our home pool of TPASC at the end of May. We will be all hands-on deck for the 2.5 days of competition. More information on officiating will be rolled out closer to the dates.


Summer Ontario Youth-Junior Champs – June 16-19 (Markham Pan Am Pool)

Summer Ontario Festival Champs – June 17-19 (Etobicoke Olympium)

Summer Ontario Swimming Champs – July 7-10 (TPASC)

2022 Canadian Senior & Junior Championships – July 25-August 1 (Montreal, QC)

*Regional Champs and other competitions will be added once confirmed and info made available.