Upcoming Fall Meet Information

Chris Ellul

Good afternoon, Team,  

Here you will find information regarding upcoming November and December competitions.  Please email your child’s coach if you have any questions.

Upcoming Meets:

Please note: All SCAR swimmers will attend either NYAC Cup or the Pan Am Open, and not both.

Nov 4-6, NYAC Cup (TPASC)

  • 13&Over Qualifiers in HP-Gold, Silver and Senior Select will attend
  • Must possess 2x Provincial-D Standards (standards available on meet info page here)
  • Your coach will inform you whether your child is qualified to attend, or if they will attend the Pan Am Open
  • Swimmers will race Friday night and Sat/Sun mornings, with Sat/Sun evening finalists returning
  • Our Club’s registration deadline is Monday, October 24

Nov 12-13, Pan Am Open (TPASC)

  • All Bronze, Junior Select, Development, and 12&U Silver and Senior Select swimmers, including those in S/Sr who do not yet meet the Provincial-D Standards for NYAC Cup, will attend the Pan Am Open
  • SCAR will compete simultaneously in the Sat/Sun morning sessions (Session 1,2 and 5,6)
  • Our Club’s registration deadline is Sunday, October 30

Dec 1-4, Border City Team Travel @ Windsor

  • This team travel meet is open to swimmers in HP-Gold, Silver, Senior, Bronze, and Junior
  • Swimmers will travel and stay with the team at all times
  • Team will depart TPASC on a coach/bus for our Windsor hotel on Thursday evening of Dec 1st at approximately 4:00pm, returning late Sunday night of Dec 4th
  • We’d like all eligible swimmers to attend; however, those not able will participate in the Roy Jacobson Invitational
  • Please declare your child as soon as possible (by November 1st would be great) – Approximate cost will be communicated once we have a sense of participants

Dec 2-4, Roy Jacobson Invitational @ Vaughan

  • All Development swimmers, as well as anyone else not able to attend Border City in Windsor will attend the Roy Jacobson Invitational
  • Registration will open as soon as the meet is sanctioned

Dec 16-18, Ontario Junior International (TPASC)

  • HP-Gold qualifiers will attend OJI at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre over the December 16-18 weekend.

Again, please reach out to your coach directly should you have any questions.

Best of luck, swimmers!