Message from SCAR's Club President

Welcome to the Scarborough Swim Club for the 2020-2021 season! A season we hope is full of success and excitement but certainly starts out with cautious steps.

The COVID-19 Crisis has altered and will continue to alter the lives and plans of all Ontario residents including Scarborough Swim Club swimmers and families. The coaches, staff and Board of Scarborough Swim Club are taking measured, conservative and responsible steps in the return to swimming. At all times we will be following Public Health Ontario, Swim Canada, Swim Ontario and TPASC facility guidelines to ensure a safe return. There is a COVID-19 Information page link on the homepage of the website for more information.

Scarborough Swim Club has already been in the pool this summer and has just finished six weeks of successful summer training that saw 40 swimmers return to TPASC. A well designed return to swim plan was developed by Scarborough Swim Club and approved by Swim Ontario and TPASC. Thorough communication between SCAR coaches, swimmers and families contributed to the success.

You will be informed via email which group to register your swimmer in for the upcoming season. Currently we have secured training time for all competitive groups at TPASC. The first swim schedule/fee schedule attached reflects this. A second swim schedule has also been included in hopes of securing a second pool, Wilfrid Laurier. If, and when Laurier is available this schedule will be implemented. Please review to see how this might affect your swimmer.

The fee schedule for this year is also listed alongside each group schedule. COVID-19 has presented some challenges for the Scarborough Swim Club as group sizes will be smaller and the complexion of swim meets will change for a lengthy period.  As Meet revenue composed 25% of Scarborough Swim Club revenue last year, lack of meets in 2020-2021 will have an impact on club finances. Although the lack of meets will present meet fee savings of $300-$900 (depending on swimmer level and meets attended), we will be introducing a COVID Meet Recovery fee for each swimmer this year to help recover some of that revenue. Though we are working to minimize the impact of revenue loss and cost increases with grant and funding applications, training fees will rise in 2020-2021.   

Please consult the Scarborough Swim Club website – Parent Guide for important information on the club:  Coaches and Board of Directors, Fundraising, Family Participation Bond, Volunteering, Codes of Conduct etc.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club at [email protected].  You can view practice schedules, consult parent information, shop for team wear and much more on our website at  Full details of training schedule and training fees are attached.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back at the pool!



Tanya Payne

Club President, Scarborough Swim Club