Team Wear & Equipment

SCAR offers a great selection of Team Spirit Wear and Swim Wear.      

Equipment like kick boards, snorkels, hand paddles, swim fins, etc. can be purchased at the Team Aquatic Supply store at TPASC or another store of your choice.  If you are unsure of what equipment your swimmer requires, please visit your group page under the Competitive Programs menu at the top of our webpage.

2018-19 Shark Card for 15% discount at Team Aquatic Supplies


Team Wear available in the office (limited sizes available):

Male Shirt Male Shorts Female Shirt Female Shorts Female Leggings
  Parka / Deck Coat Track Jacket

Track Pants

*Please note that pants are not flared - they just appear that way in the picture*


Available for purchase at the office anytime:

  • White t-shirts - $20
  • Hoodies - $45
  • Track pants - $40
  • PJ pants & shorts - $30-40
  • Touques - $15
  • Baseball caps - $15
  • Silicone caps (red or white) - $15
  • Latex caps (red or white) - $10
  • Officials shirts (red) - $45
  • Select sizes of female and male racing suits

There will be a selection of clothing samples available to try on for size.  If you are unable to attend the sizing clinic or are unsure of what size to order, there is a sizing chart below to assist you with the shirts, shorts, leggings, track suits and parkas.  For hoodies, fleece pants and pj pants, the sizes are on the order form.

Once you have determined the sizes needed, you can place your order online here.  Please fill out the form on this page with your order.  Orders must be placed by end of day Sunday, September 17.  After September 17, you will not be available to order items until January.  The clothing will be delivered in approximately 8-9 weeks. 

Sizing Chart

Before placing order, a sizing clinic will be held in order for swimmers to be measured for size to ensure a proper fit for clothing and swim wear.