Welcome to the 2019-2020 swimming season with the Olympian Swim Club! 

As the NEW Co-Head Coaches for club we are excited to see what this year will bring after an eventful and successful past season. We are very proud to introduce our new coaching staff who are all experienced and dedicated to helping our club and athletes continue to grow and improve both in and out of the pool.

For us as Head Coaches, our vision for OSC is to develop a partnership with parents and our local swimming community in order to help our athletes succeed both in the pool and in their every day lives.  We want to create a culture at OSC that goes beyond the performance in the pool but instead focuses on developing great people, great students and then great athletes. Through communication and trust, failures and successes we hope to work together as a community to develop and strengthen the character and coachability of our swimmers.  We believe that swimming is not just an individual sport but also a team sport and therefore we would like to foster a Team Environment where all our swimmers feel valued and important in the role they play.  Through top down leadership from both our coaches and our high-performance swimmers, along with the new VIVOS sponsorship, and a focus on relays and team cheering at swim meets, we hope to create an atmosphere of inclusion and support for all our swimmers at all levels.

As you may already know, the 2019-2020 season is an exciting one as it is the end of a quadrennial and leads us into an Olympic Year.  This is a very exciting time in amateur sport as this season will highlight the very best the world has to offer within the sport of competitive swimming.  Our younger athletes will have the opportunity to watch other OSC swimmers, their teammates, train and compete to this level showing what is possible in our very own program!

Lets go O!

Lesley Serediak and Colleen Marchese