Mini O's Pre-Competitive Swimming Program - 2019-2020

The Mini O's Pre-Competitive Swimming Program is designed for children ages 5-10 years old with some swimming experience. The program introduces the basics of all four competitive strokes, allowing each swimmer to acquire the skills necessary to move in the more advanced levels.

Swimmers must have some previous swimming experience before joining the program and must be assessed by one of our coaches before registering. Please contact Lindsey Thomas for more information.

Please note: Swimmers must be 5 years old as of September 2019 in order to register in Mini O's for the 2019-2020 season.

Bronze:      Learning (Max. 4 swimmers) - 

This level involves learning the basics of water awareness, and safety skills around the water. Basic competitive swimming principles of kicking, body position and entries are taught at this level.

Class Time:         20 lessons 30 min. each

*Registration Fee:  $80

Program Fees:      $170


Silver:      Building  (Max. 6 swimmers) - 

This level focuses on the basic movements and the fundamentals for swimming the four competitive swimming strokes. This level also builds on principles learned in Bronze adding simple rules of the sport, and promoting overall physical development in and out of the pool.

Lesson Time:         20 lessons, 40 min. each

*Registration Fee:   $80

Program Fees:        $214


Gold:     Advancing  (Max. 8 swimmers) - 

This level advances all four strokes, increases endurance and technique. When this level is completed participants have learned the basic skills required for competitive swimming - all four strokes, turns and starts, and can move onto the competitive program.

Lesson Time:         20 lessons, 50 min. each

*Registration Fee:  $80

Program Fees:       $250


*Please Note: The registration fee is paid once per season (season runs Sept to June). The registration fee includes Mini O's registration, a T-shirt, Arena goggles, a latex swim cap, report card booklet and a dot chart poster to track your progress.


For specific course dates, locations and times, please call the OSC office at 780-705-2419 or check the OSC website under the Mini O's tab on the home page.

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