Prince George Barracuda Swim Club

5.10 Equipment

TEAM GEAR – Required for all Swim Meets

  • Navy Blue Suit

  • Orange Cap with logo.

  • Goggles

  • Team T- Shirt (blue or orange)

  • Deck Shoes

  • Blue or Black shorts or pants

Swimmers are expected to wear their Team T-shirts on deck while not swimming. It is recommended to have an extra pair of goggles, cap and suit.

For practice any color cap and suite are fine. Some choose to wear the blue suit for practice as well as competition. T- Shirts and shorts are recommended to wear for dry land practice and warm ups.

Any other equipment needed is based on what group your swimmer is in:

  • D2 A/B - small pull buoys and short fins.

  • D1 – pull buoys, short fins and paddles

The pull buoys will help keep them balanced in the water while they are learning to have a better feel of the water. The short fins will help strengthen their legs while continuing to improve on their kicking skills. The paddles will help strengthen their shoulders when performing certain movements underwater and will also give them a better feel of the water that they do not experience when pulling with their hands. 

The Club stocks goggles and caps and sells them at reasonable prices to its members. All other equipment can be purchased at STRIDE AND GLIDE SPORTS LTD. at a 20% discount off the retail price. In addition you purchase by direct mail order from Team Aquatic Supplies at 1 800 234 4833 or Team Aquatic Supplies offers a 15% discount through their Shark Club program.

Occasionally the Club organizes special opportunities to purchase Swim bags, Sweat suits, Personalized caps etc. Please watch the Bulletin Board or News for these occasions. 

Please ask your coach if you need assistance in choosing the right size of equipment for your swimmer. Once you have purchased the required equipment for your swimmer, please remember to have them put their name on all of their things.