Prince George Barracuda Swim Club

 Prince George Barracuda Swim Club Swim Meet Information

Before the Swim Meet

  • Register your swimmer for the swim meet before the deadline.
    • When you are signing your child up for a swim meet and know they will not be in attendance for the entire weekend, please state this in the Notes section of the Athlete Meet Signup
  • Sign up at least one family member for a job for each day your child will be swimming at the meet. 
  • Swim Officiating Clinics will be offered for parents prior to each swim meet.  There is no cost for these clinics.  Check emails regularly to find out when the clinics are being offered.
  • Check emails regularly to confirm the start times when swimmers and parents must be at the pool for each day of the swim meet.
  • To find out what events your child is swimming, please check with your child’s coach. You can also find your child’s events online:
    • Go to the Events tab, locate the upcoming swim meet, click Edit commitment.  Your child’s events will be listed towards the bottom of the page.
  • If you know your child will be unable to swim for part or the entire swim meet due to circumstances, please inform the Coaches immediately. 
  • If you are signed up as a volunteer for the swim meet, and can no longer fulfil your commitment due to circumstances, please inform the Director of Officials immediately.  [email protected]
  • If your child needs a new Barracuda swim cap or t-shirt, please contact one of the Equipment Managers.  Their names are posted on the Barracuda bulletin board at the pool.
  • Parents will receive an invoice for the Swim meet fees once registration is closed.  
  • If you have questions regarding the swim meet, you can contact either the coaches or the Director of Officials.

What to Bring to the Pool

  • Swimmers:
    • At least 2 towels
    • Water bottle
    • Goggles (2 pairs)
    • Barracuda swim caps
    • Barracuda t-shirt (If you have more than one, bring them as they tend to get wet throughout the meet)
    • Shorts or track pants
    • Flip flops or sandals for feet
    • Small cooler of healthy food (chocolate milk, fruit, sandwiches, crackers, granola bars- foods that are easily digested)
  • Parent volunteers:
    • White or red shirt, depending on which job you are volunteering for.

During the Swim Meet

  • If you have questions or concerns during the swim meet, please don’t hesitate to talk to the Director of Officials, Announcer or volunteers at the Heat Sheet table.
  • Swimmers:
    • Barracuda swimmers meet at the far corner of the pool on the bleacher side.
    • Swimmers need to regularly check in with their coach throughout the swim meet regarding their events.
    • Swimmers are required to wear a Barracuda cap during their swim events. 
    • Swimmers should wear their Barracuda t-shirts, pants/shorts and flip flops in between events to keep warm.
    • Drink water regularly and eat healthy foods in between events to maintain energy.
    • Relays- Relays are usually scheduled towards the end of Saturday and Sunday events.  Please stay until the end of relays.  Adjustments may be made to teams due to last minute changes.
  • Parent Volunteers:
    • Officials Meeting
      • There will be an Officials’ meeting each day before the start of the swim meet.  Anyone who is volunteering for an Official role (Timers, Stroke/Turn Judges, Referees, Starters) must attend this meeting. 
      • Details about the swim meet and your volunteer role will be explained at the Officials Meeting.
      • If you are new to volunteering, please let the Director of Officials know and he/she can provide additional assistance.
    • Parent volunteers will be provided with food and beverages during the swim meet.
    • Your child is welcome to check in briefly with you while you are volunteering.  However, if your child requires additional assistance, have him/her check in with their coach for more help.
    • If you are volunteering, please make alternate child care arrangements for younger or non-swimming children.
  • Swim Meet Events: 
    • There will be a swim meet package posted at the pool showing all the events. 
    • You can also purchase Heat Sheets each day of the swim meet.
    • Meet Mobile and On Deck are 2 different online apps you can purchase to access the swim events and your child’s results. 
    • Official results will also be posted on the pool wall throughout the swim meet.

After the Swim Meet

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s events or results, please contact your child’s coach.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the swim meet, please contact the Director of Officials or the Meet Manager.

Parent Responsibilities

  • At least one member of the family is required to volunteer each day your child swims at the swim meet. 
  • Volunteer shifts are for the entire duration of each swim meet day.
  • To sign up for a volunteer job:
    • Go to the Events tab, locate the upcoming swim meet, click Job Signup.  Find the specific job you are volunteering for.  If you are new to volunteering, the timing role is a good place to start.