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Pre Comp















Practices Offered/Suggested Attendance








Practice Days & Times (tentative)





any 3 days of Endeavor


5:15-6:30 PM


5-6:30 PM

Sat 7:30-9 AM


4:45-6:30 PM

 T-Th 4:15-6 PM Sat 7:30-9 AM

M-F 3:45-6PM      Sat 7-9AM

AM workouts on a case by case bias

M-F 3:30-6PM

​T & Th

5:30-7:30 AM  

Sat 7-9AM    

Time Spent on Technique vs Training

85% vs. 15%

50% vs. 50%

75% vs. 25%

60% vs. 40%

40% vs. 60%

25% vs. 75%

10% vs. 90%

Length of Season

 Sept-June (major Holidays off)

Sept-June (major Holidays off)

Sept-July (major Holidays off)

Sept-July (major Holidays off)

Sept-July (some Holidays off)

All Year 47+ weeks (August some weekends-off)

All Year 47+ weeks (August some weekends-off)

Volunteer Service Expectations

3 opportunities of service

1 opportunity of service

6 opportunities of service

8 opportunities of service

10 opportunities of service

12 opportunities of service

14 opportunities of service


Discovery—beginning practice squad for swimmers emphasizing proper swim technique. 

Imagination—intermediate group for swimmers emphasizing advanced stroke technique. 

Endeavour—advanced group for expanded swimmers; entry level conditioning.    

Challenge—this squad has a focus performance level training and race strategies. 

Performance—squad for seasoned athletes with goals to compete at the National levels

Pre Competitive is available Oct to June. Swimmers are welcome to begin and stop at any point in the season—with advanced notice.

Pre Comp is designed to transition swimmers from learn-2-swim to competitive swimming. 

X-Sport is for children that have other activities, but would like to use swimming for cross-training, to improve their triathlon, or improve their stroke technique.

Installments & Deadline to Withdraw

Installments cover swimming for 10 to 11 months (September to June/July).  

Installments are billed monthly from November to April, with October and May being collected with registration.  

Returning swimmers are automatically renewed for the next season in July.  

A Fee of $35 will charged to accounts with None Sufficient Funds (NSF).  Arrangements need to be made within 10 days—for participation to continue.  

30-day written notice is required to withdraw from the Team.  Therefore, written notice will need to be received by June 29 to withdraw by the end of July.   No Refunds will be given for registration, installments, or fundraising. 

Swim Meets

Swim meets are held approximately every 3-4 weeks.  Coaches will enter all eligible swimmers—can be viewed on the Team website.  Swimmers entered will receive a email with meet details and deadline. Parents and swimmers can deselect from each day/session they cannot attend.  Once the deadline has past, coaches choose swimmers events and turn entries into the meet host.  Swim Practice will not be available for swimmers who have an opportunity to attend a swim meet and choose not to go.

Meet Fees

Each Swim Meet has entry fees associated with it.  Along with team dues, at the 1st of every month the credit card saved online will be charged for meet fees.   Once a swimmer is entered into a meet, they will be charged for the meet regardless of whether the swimmer participates or not.  Meet fees are not included in your registration and your swimmer must be registered as a competitive swimmer with Swim Alberta in order to compete.  If you pay the fee and your swimmer is not able to attend the fee is non-refundable as fees will still be required to the host club.

Communication & Information

After your child’s registration is complete you will be invited via email to login to our website at  It is important that you frequent this site throughout the season as this is our main source of communication.  You will be able to contact coaches, executive and other members through the site. Please contact the Registrar or Webmaster if you have any difficulties. 

Bingos, Casinos and Fundraising Commitment

Bingos, Casinos and Fundraising events will be held throughout the year.  These events are posted by the Bingo Coordinators, once events are available you can sign-up online.  Note: Other members may be willing to work a bingo for you if you cannot make your commitment. Please contact our Bingo coordinator for details. 

Committee/Parent Involvement

Our club relies on its membership families to volunteer to assist with activities that take place throughout the year.  Not only does this facilitate events running smoothly but it allows our parent/family membership an opportunity to interact.  Parents have a lot of information to share with you! You will be contacted throughout the season to request your assistance as these activities are organized