Green vs Black Survey Officials Swashbuckler XXVII

Ryan MacDonald
May 9, 2019
Green vs. Black intra squad meet
May 25 we are hosting a fun meet for all competitive and pre competitive swimmers (Spring into Summer) from 7AM to 9AM. 
It is a duel meet (Green vs. Black) so we'll split all Pirates into 2-teams.  We will have 6 individual events and 3 relays, where most kids swim 2 of each. 
Warm-up will run from 7-7:25 AM with a start time of 7:30. 
We need to know who is going to be there.   Please log-in and edit your commitment if your child WILL NOT be there.
Swimmers: Wear you favorite Pirate Shirt
Parents: please sign-up to volunteer ASAP.

New Swashbuckler is up!

Survey says!

Please participate in filling out the survey we have online

Officials Certifications

If you have taken any of the online clinics please email Coach Ryan outlining which clinic you have completed.  Once you have completed the clinics, you need to shadow someone during a competition to become certified.