Year End BBQ

Jy Stewart
Jun 12, 2019

This past Sunday was our Year End BBQ event held at Sunnyside Park. Thank you to everyone who came out to support a great season. A special thanks to the volunteers who made the event run so smoothly.
At the year end BBQ we give out awards for hardest worker and most improved, and then at the Christmas banquet we give out awards for top preformers. From Sunday our award winners were:

Sea Puppies Silver:
Hardest Worker - Michael Z
Most Improved - Jacob W

Sea Puppies Gold:
Hardest Worker - Cloris Y
Most Improved - Robert Z

Sea Wolves Silver: 
Hardest Worker - Curtis X
Most Improved - Nathan N

Sea Wolves Gold:
Hardest Worker - Sarocha A

Most Improved - Sean M

Junior 3:
Hardest Worker - Emma W

Most Improved - Li Z

Junior 2:
Hardest Worker - Max X

Most Improved - Ryan L

Junior 1:
Hardest Worker - Elina H

Most Improved - Carys E

Youth 3:
Hardest Worker - Simon Z

Most Improved - Victor Z

Youth 2:
Hardest Worker - Siya K

Most Improved - Eunsoo O

Youth 1:
Hardest Worker - Anastasia C

Most Improved - Justin J

Hardest Worker - Darby W

Most Improved - Tristan S