PSW Fall Invitational Recap

Ben Geary

We had 100 PSW swimmers compete at our Fall Invitational last weekend in what was a great way to start the season! Thank you so much to all our volunteers who helped make the weekend run smoothly.


Para - this was Jill and Nika’s first meet with PSW and they both swam very well while we sorted through the logistics of the event. Big congrats to Nika for her 100 Free best time!


Junior Provincial had a great first meet of the season! Nio L. had two events that specifically stood out; his speedy 100 freestyle, and 200 IM! Gioia T. swam best times in every event focusing on great turns and under-waters during all her races! I also want to note how responsible the JP swimmers were: they had a pre race chat, warmed-down after their race, and then came back to talk about how they swam (without needing reminders)! Great job swimmers and keep up all the hard work.


Youth Development had only 4 swimmers compete over the weekend. Stand outs included Hermione W. going 6/6 best times (with a 21” drop in her 100 FS and 23” drop in her 200 IM) and Olivia BP took on the challenge of only taking 5 breaths in her 50 FS and succeeded. 


Youth Regional did a great job at our first meet of the season. Jesse L competed at his first swim meet, he raced with 110% effort and was always ready to push himself for his next event. Jialin A achieved a divisional standard in the 50 BR. Taya T had an outstanding 100 FR with very well done underwaters dropping nearly 9 seconds. Neal D swam an impressive 200 FR with consistent kicks all throughout the race. Edward W swam a strong 200 IM with quick walls and strong strokes, dropping nearly 8 seconds.


Youth Provincial had a very strong first meet of the season. Our focus was on smart swimming and it was great to see where we’re at so far. Some standouts were:

Rhianna J doing a great job on her streamlines the whole weekend, Max W timing his walls to perfection in his 100/200 free races, and Hope B applying some very specific feedback about head position in 200 free. Our focus moving forward is paying attention to the important details, not just the end result. Congrats also to Tyler M (11&u) and Matthew C (12-13) for winning their age groups’ aggregate awards for the fastest add-up time of the four 100s + 200 IM!


Senior Competitive did an awesome job at the PSW Invitational. The entire group did an outstanding job with streamlining off their walls, which has been a big focus during training. Congratulations to Monica R, Sandra V, Ian Z, and Matthew Y, for finishing the meet with 100% best times! Justin H had a speedy 50m free and achieved our focus of limited breathing during the race. Overall the group did a fantastic job of being accountable for one another and supportive throughout the entire meet. The group also did a great job with following race strategies and responding to post race feedback. This season will be an exciting one for the group and I look forward to more racing opportunities. 


The Provincial Development swimmers had great teamspirit throughout the entire weekend. They were excited for each other's races and pushed their teammates to achieve individual goals! Kai L. made sure he had consistent underwaters off every wall which is something the group has been focusing on. Paul X. had a very memorable 200 freestyle. We were very excited about his splits and he focused on not shortening his strokes when approaching his walls. Connor S. had an overall amazing weekend and blew the coaches away with all of his races. Awesome job, I am very excited to see this group race at future meets!


National/Western Development group had great focus on the details for this meet. The goals were not about the times the swimmers went, but how they were approaching the races. A shout out to Matthew W for winning the 16&Over aggregate award for the fastest add up of the 4 100’s and the 200 IM.