Pacific Sea Wolves Swim Club Registration Process

If you are a new family interested in registering your swimmer for NEXT SEASON, or are looking for any other information about the club, please don't hesitate to reach out by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the website. A parent must contact our club to arrange an assessment before registering their swimmer(s). We are now booking tryouts for next season!


The PSW programs run from September to June, with top swimmers in the club swimming into August. We offer programming for all levels of swimmers, from the 6-year-old diving into practice for the first time, who is just learning to fall in love with the sport, to the 18-year-old going off to swim at the university of their choosing. 


Below is a step by step guide on how to become a part of the Pacific Sea Wolves community:


Contact [email protected] to put yourself on the contact list for our next tryout. Please make sure to include your swimmer's name, age, and current swimming ability in the email, which will help the club with setting up a swimmer assessment. and to provide the appropriate information on which programs are available.


The club will then set up a "Swimmer Tryout", which will allow the coaches to evaluate your swimmer, to make sure that they are be placed in the appropriate group. Swimmer assessments take place at the Grandview Heights Pool with one of the PSW coaches. Tryouts can take around 5-10 minutes.


After the tryout, the coach will contact you within a week to let you know if they were successful at receiving a spot in the program or not. At this point you will either be directed to the website to complete the online registration or your swimmer will be placed on the waitlist for when space in the program opens up or you will be directed to areas where your swimmer will need to improve.

For any questions about the registration process, programs, or program details, please contact [email protected]