Senior 1 and 2

The swimmers in the Senior 1 and 2 Groups at PSW are working towards finishing up their age group swimming career and achieving all their goals before they take the next steps in life after high school.  Swimmers in this group are age 14 to 18, with post secondary swimmers as well, and have goals of achieving their National Age Group and National Senior standards, and being selected for specific Swim BC and Swim Canada teams throughout the season. The swimmers in this group are some of the top swimmers in the province and in the country, and show the level of dedication that it takes to swim at that level everyday that they are at the pool. 

Swimmers in this group are continuing to develop their technical and tactical skills, with a large focus being on training to perform at peek meets throughout the season. Attendance at all training times and a commitment to the full meet schedule is mandatory at this level, along with being able to manage school commitments without significant and ongoing misses to the training program. Dedication, commitment, consistent work ethic, and a desire to excel are all traits that will help swimmers to be successful at this level of sport. There is a focus at this level at developing a complete athlete, where swimmers when they exit the program, have the ability and knowledge needed to excel in all areas of their life.

Equipment Needed

-2x goggles

-2x caps

-Training suit

-Racing suitEach groups coach can answer any questions you may have around what suit is appropriate to wear for what meet

-Dryland gear (each workout has a dryland component, so please make sure to come ready to go outside and work hard. Ex: shorts, t-shirt, runners, sweatshirt)





-nose plug *optional


-pull buoy

-equipment bag

-skipping rope

-kick board *optional