Savannah Brennan - BdC 1B - PCSC Inspired Scrap Book Art                                                    Paige Foy - BdC 1C - Snow Pool (Times were not so good!!)

This week, Paige made a chocolate brownie pool. The chocolate chips are lane ropes...

Swim times are still slow.

Comment from Coach Nicole Waldie :
" Wow Paige It looks like you've been super busy! This all looks great! Swimming in brownies between chocolate chip lanes looks like a blast! "



PCSC cake! Made by Gabrielle Pomerleau (Provincial 2), Mikaelle Pomerleau (Age group2 JR), and Emmanuelle Pomerleau (BdC 2c).

Comment from Coach Nicole Waldie:
" Wow girls! Your cake looks both delicious and fantastic! Very impressive work! I hope it tasted as good as it looked! "

Paige Foy (BdC 1C) baked a vegan chocolate cake with the PC logo… She also created a drawing of her swimming