RDCSC Swimmers Of The Month

March 2019 Congratulations to all the swimmers of the month!

Pre-Competitive Group 1

Caitlin Kosheluk:  Catilin works very hard throughout the month and her swimming has improved greatly!

Pre-Competitive Group 2

Joshua Ibanescu:  Joshua has been putting in a lot of effort in practice and asking lots of questions to help improve his swimming abilities.

Junior Development

Haedyn Victor:  Haedyn is always excited to be swimming.  She has stepped it up during our more challenging sets.  She is a joy to coach!


Isla Woods:  Isla has excellent enthusiasm in practice, her amazing improvement in her breaststroke, and her help with providing butterfly demo's.

Junior Provincial

James Cho:  James came back from a 3 month break without any missteps.  He puts all his energy into everything he does and it shows.  He also helps the group by trying to get themselves to push a little bit further when things get though.


Madison Wiens:  Madison has a great attitude and work ethic, she is a positive role model.  She shows up everyday ready to do her best. 


Miyanna Graham:  Miyanna had a great performance during the Provincial Championships.  She has stepped up her level of training and is way more consistent in terms of pushing herself.

High Performance

Jayden Vale:  Jayden got his Western Time at the last swim meet, he pushed his mental skills to push through to get his time.  He has 100% attendance in practices.




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