Bingo Information

Bingo Coordinator

Tammy MacPherson - [email protected]

Bingo Location

Red Deer Bingo Centre, 4946 - 53 Avenue, Red Deer, AB 

Bingo Volunteer Rules

Red Deer Bingo Association Rules and Regulations

Bingo Signup 

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Bingo Requirement
per swimmer  
2 bingos
3 bingos
3 bingos
Prospect A
4 bingos
Prospect B
4 bingos
4 bingos
4 bingos
Bingo requirements per swimmer are subject to change dependant on enrollement numbers.   

RDCSC Bingo Policies:

RDCSC relies on income generated from bingos and casinos to reduce yearly fees.  To ensure we have sufficient people to staff them, each family is required to work a required amount per registered swimmer. 

Members have the option to work their bingo requirement or pay out their bingo requirement.  The pay out amount is $150 per bingo and is required to be paid when registering your swimmers.

Your bingo requirements must be completed in the current season, September 1 to August 31.  Bingo shifts cannot be carried forward from one year to the next. 

Members who do not fulfill their bingo requirement for the current season will be charged $200 on August 20th for each bingo shift that was not completed.

Members must notify the Bingo Coordinator 3 days prior to the bingo if they are unable to work their shift.  This will allow sufficent time for the Bingo Coordinator to find a replacement.  If you fail to notify the Bingo Coordinator, your account will be charged $200, and you will still be required to complete the bingo shift.

Members who sign up for a bingo and fail to attend the bingo will have their account charged $200 and will still be required to fulfill their bingo shift.

Bingo's are a mandatory commitment to the club.  In the event you, for whatever reason, decide to leave the club prior to the end of the year you will have to pay out each bingo not worked, or fulfill your bingo requirements subsequent to withdrawing from the club.

If extra bingo shifts come available during the season the Bingo Coordinator will send out an email notifying membership.  Your family account will be credited $75 per bingo shift worked.  Bingo credits will be credited to member accounts on August 20th of the current season.  Credits cannot be transferred outside of a swim family and cannot be credited back as cash if they are not used.