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  • RDCSC Fundraising Event - TBD if Restrictions allow.

  • Bottle Drive Fundraising Fee

  • Optional Fundraising for Members

    • Grocery Gift Cards

    • Booster Juice Coupons

    • Club Gift Card

Fundraising Oppurtunities

Fundraising plays a major role in the success of the Red Deer Catalina Swim Club.  The goal is not to further tax members but to earn revenue from the community.  We are hoping to do a few optional fundraisers throughout the 2021-2022 Season. Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines will be adhered to.   If these fundrasiers are participated in, the money raised will be added to your individual family accounts when earned. 


Catalina Major Fundraiser 2022

Date and Time-TBD





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Bottle Drive Fundraising Fee

RDCSC will organize 3 bottle drives throughout the season; one in fall (currently set for Sept 10,2022), one in winter & final bottle drive late in the spring. Members are encouraged to collect bottles from friends and family PRIOR to the bottle drive to maximize profits. 

Members MUST participate in 2 of the 3 bottle drives to complete their fundraising commitment. Participation will include both collecting bottles and distributing flyers prior to the bottle drive to ensure maximum number of members are able to participate. Swimmers are expected to participate in the actual collecting of bottles for at least ONE of the required bottle drives. 

If a member does not participate in at least 2 bottle drives then they must pay the bottle drive Fundraising fee of $100. This fee is charged per swimmer, not per family. And is due April 30, 2022.

Options for payment/charges: 

1.     The $100 fee can be paid out at registration if the swimmer does not plan on participating. 

2.     After the winter/ 2nd bottle drive if a swimmer has not participated in at least 1 of the club organized bottle drives then the bottle drive fee will be charged at that time. 

3.     After the final bottle drive if a swimmer has not participated in at least 2 of the bottle drives then the fee will be charged.

If a swimmer participates in ALL 3 of the club organized bottle drives, and participates in the actual collecting of bottles in all 3, then for the 3rd bottle drive , 50% of the individual’s "share" of the profits will be credited to the swimmer’s account: Calculated as Total profit from bottle drive / # of swimmers participating in bottle drive x 0.50 = money credited to swimmer's account.


Optional Fundraising

Optional fundraising activities give families the opportunity to raise funds to help offset their swimming fees.  A percentage of each fundraising activity members participate in will be credited to their family account.


The following fundraiser's are available to members all season long:

Order Details 
Cost $100.00 per gift card 
Swimmer Return
Safeway/Sobey's/IGA  5%
Save-On Foods 5%
Co-op 5%