Lucien Zucchi
Head Coach
Ava Madar
Assistant Head Coach

Evan Kafara

Jessie Whittleton

Louise Mason


RDCSC Competitive Program

About the Squads

Youth and Development
At this level of competition, athlete's increase endurance, technical skills, and competitive knowledge.  Swimmers will be introduced to dryland training and swim meets.  The athlete will learn and experience team building, goal setting, and sportsmanship.  Certified competitive coaches ensure a safe and fun learning environment and experiences.  

Provincial and Prospect
At this level of competition, the athlete is training to compete at provincial meets, while striving to improve and achieve personal goals.  Dryland and water sessions are combined to create an optimum level of fitness and strength for the athlete.

Performance and Elite
This is our highest level of training, competition, and dedication.  At this level, the athlete has committed to swimming as their sport and is striving to become the fastest they can be.  National and select international meets are attended as well as high level provincial meets.