SPSC Mayflower LC 2019

Treasurer Catalina Board

Mayflower swim meet was held in Edmonton on April 27 & 28 with 20 swimmers in attendance.

Alex day and Logan Milman both had fantastic 200 freestyles dropping 1:02 for a 3:30 and a 1:03 for a 3:32 respectively.  James Cho achieved three provincial times in his 50's of back, fly and breast.  Both Davis Hansen and Emma Saunders had equally fantastic races each dropping over 56 seconds in 100 breast and 400 free respectively.  Way to represent Catalina!



James Cho-50 back, 100free, 100fly

Amanda Lui-100back

Dalton Powell-200 free, 200IM, 100 breast, 50 free

Elliott Powell-50 free

Emma Saunders-50fly, 100free, 400free, 100fly

Jordyn Waldo-100free



James Cho-50fly, 50 breast

Amanda Lui-400 free

Kira Lorencz-100fly

Dalton Powell-50 breast, 100fly

Elliott Powell-200 free, 100back

Emma Saunders-200 free

Jordyn Waldo-100back



James Cho-200 free, 50 free

Josh Cho-50 back

Amanda Lui-50fly, 50free, 100fly

Dalton Powell-100back, 50back

Jordyn Waldo-50free, 100 fly