October 21 - 23





             LIVE RESULTS/PSYCH SHEETS                   


Session 1 - (all ages)

Session 2 - 13 & over (girls) (boys)

Session 3 - 12 & under (girls) (boys)

Session 4 - 13 & over (girls) (boys)

Session 5 - 12 & under (girls) (boys)


10/24/2022 - Thank you all officials and volunteers for helping at this meet! We couldn't do it without you!

10/15/2022 - 2022 RHAC Fall Classic Meet Package 

10/15/2022 - Award and Prize

High Points Awards - awarded by gender

10 & under, 11-12 - swim gear prize

13-14, 15 & over - $200 cash prize

Ties will be broken by highest FINA points swim

*swimmers must be present at the end of the session (Session 4 13 & under & Session 5 12 & under) to win their prize



Session 1  Session 2  Session 3  Session 4  Session 5

We welcome officials from other clubs to come and work on deck with us. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering. If you are looking for an evaluation, please include this in your email.


We are excited to be able to provide hospitality again to our officials and coaches. Friday night there will only coffee/tea and snacks provided, so please plan accordingly. For Saturday and Sunday, we will be providing food for officials BEFORE their session. So if you are working Saturday morning, you will be provided with breakfast. If you are working the afternoon session, you will be provided lunch. Lunch can only be served for officials working the afternoon session.  




Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario believes that athletes, coaches, officials, support staff and volunteers have the right to participate in a safe and inclusive sport environment that is free of abuse, harassment and discrimination. For additional resources click HERE.
● Only participating swimmers, officials, certified registered coaches, and authorized people are allowed on deck.
● NO OTHER PERSON IS PERMITTED on the deck unless expressly authorized by Swim Ontario.
● Spectators will be permitted at the discretion of the facility.


● Swim Ontario and the host clubs will follow all facility & health regulations and/or Ontario provincial orders. Participants (swimmers, coaches, officials and support staff) are reminded that they are bound by the Acknowledgment & Assumption of Risk and COVID Attestation executed as part of their registration.
● Individuals are responsible to ensure all facility rules and requirements are followed.
● Participants are suggested to conduct the
 COVID self-assessment and not enter the facility if any symptoms are present.
● Spectators will be permitted based on current Ontario regulations and may be limited. All facility rules must be followed.
● All participants (swimmers, coaches, officials, etc.) and spectators are to feel safe and welcome to wear a mask and physical distance when in the facility and on deck should they so choose.
● Mask wearing remains a best practice in reducing the spread of COVID-19


• No food will be allowed on deck.
• No glass objects will be allowed on deck.
• Lockers are available in change room but limited.
• Onsite parking is free but may be limited.  Offsite parking is available at near by Go Train station from a short walking distance
• Nearby Amenities:
     o Restaurants
     o Grocery Stores (T&T and Whole Foods)
     o Tim Hortons


Come and shop with Ontario Swim Hub in the MPAC lobby:

Saturday, Oct 22 from 7:00am-4:00pm

Sunday, October 23 from 7:00am-4:00pm