2020-2021 On-Line Registration

(competitive groups only)

Hello RHAC members,


Registration for the 2020-2021 is now open (Friday, August 28th at 9pm).  You can log-in and start the registration by accessing the Team Registration link in your account (see below), or simply click here.

Please click on the Roster Groups below to find out which group your swimmer(s) will start in this year.

For any roster related questions, please contact the Coaching Team directly.


2020-2021 Roster Groups

National GroupProvincial GroupYouth GroupSelect GroupNovice Group

Groups Lane assignment 

         National GroupProvincial GroupYouth GroupSelect GroupNovice Group

September Calendar

September Practice Calendar (Tentative)
Note: OakRidges pool is scheduled to open only on September 14th


To be prepared for registration, please keep in mind that you will need to:

1.  Verify that your swimmer's name appears in one of our swim groups (click on the links above).  Priority registration is only extended to these swimmers. 

2.  Make sure you know how to login into our website (Try logging in now.  Remember to login with your RHAC email: "". If you cannot remember your password, click on "Forgot Password" in the login screen.  We will contact you with a temporary password.)

3.  Make sure you know how to login into to be able to sign the required Swim Ontario documents of all competitive swimmers.  This step can be done before, during or after the registration however it needs to be done before our club verifies the validity of the registration and no later than September 5th. (If you cannot remember your username or password, click on "Forgot Username/Password" in the login screen.). 

Note: At this time, the Swim Ontario registration system is down until September 1st.

4. The registration makes use of electronic signatures; if you do not consent to the use of your electronic signature, please do not continue with the on-line registration and download a paper-based Registration Package instead.


How to calculate the September swimming fees:

1.  Find the group your swimmer(s) belongs to and note the corresponding September fees costs:

Table 1: Fees for September 2020
Group Novice Select Youth Provincial National
First Swimmer - full price $135 $140 $145 $235 $235
2nd Swimmer - reduced price $122 $126 $131 $212 $212
3rd + Swimmer(s)  - further reduced price $115 $119 $124 $200 $200
On-Line Registration Processing fee $6

Note: Discount applies to the second and/or third sibling in the program placed in the lower level group.

2.  Add a one-time-only Swim Ontario Registration fee, based on your swimmer's age on December 31st, 2020

Table 2: Swim Ontario Fees for the entire 2020-2021 season.
Fee by Age Price (including tax)
Age 8 and under $121.40
Age 9 and 10 $141.40
Age 11 to age 14 $161.40
Age 15 and over $181.40

For example, if you are registering 2 swimmers, one in Novice group (aged 9) and one in Youth group (aged 12), the total amount for September is:

$145 (Youth) + $122 (Novice Additional Swimmer) + $161.40 + $141.40 + $6 = $575.80.


Payment Option Instructions:

If you already have enough credit in your RHAC account (please refer to your account balance in TeamUnify at, there is no need to provide payment because the club will deduct the fee directly from your RHAC account.

Any outstanding fees should be paid in full before the 5th of the month to avoid a late payment fee, charged automatically by the billing system. 

Payments can be made in two ways:

1. Via cheque. Please factor in the time required to mail the cheques, if paying by cheque and make the cheque payable to "Richmond Hill Aquatic Club". 

2. Via electronic transfer (Interac Transfer). These electronic payments should be sent to [email protected]. If prompted for a password to your eTransfer, please use the password season2021

You MUST indicate your RHAC account number either on the cheque or in the comments section of the e-transfer, otherwise we will not be able to match the payment with your account.