Registration Package & Rosters

2019 - 2020

Package for 2019-2020 Season

1. Registration for 2019/2020 - important information

2. Master Schedule 2019 - 2020 (RHAC reserves the right to revise it to fit the needs of the club)

Important: for a complete registration, print & fill out the registration package in each group.

The package includes: (please return all the forms)

a) Legal Waiver (7 pages), printed and signed. Available through the on-line registration flow.

b) PIPEDA consent form, printed and signed. Available through the on-line registration flow.

c) Signed, post dated cheques. Details provided through the on-line registration flow.                                     

Discount applies to the second and/or third sibling in the program placed in the lower level group.


2019-2020 Roster Groups

National Group

Provincial Group

Youth Group

Select Group

Novice Group












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