Konstantin Danailov RHAC Head Coach

Welcome, to the 2018 - 2019 season, to all new and returning families. I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer break and is returning to the new season with renewed drive and enthusiasm.

At the start we were thrown off a bit by the Centennial pool failure. However it seems the issue has been resolved and we can continue on with training. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

This past season was a memorable one for RHAC. I hope everyone had a great time in the past season cheering on the RHAC swimmers as they competed at some bigger swim meets. There is allot to celebrate: Ontario Junior International (Nicholas Bulban and Matthew Wittmann), Eastern Cup (Nicholas Bulban, Matthew Wittmann, Ethan Dyke - Elliott, Eric Zhang, Kent Goni, Justin Wang, Nicole Lau, Jiwoo Kwon, Karina Rusen, Raya Kee),  Canadian Junior Champs (Nicholas Bulban, Matthew Wittmann, Eric Zhang, Jiwoo Kwon, Nicole Lau and Raya Kee), Spring Swimming Championship (Nichoals Bulban, Matthew Wittmann, Jiwoo Kwon, Raya Kee and Nicole Lau), Mel Zajac tour (Nicholas Bulban) and 20018 CCCAN in Aruba (Ethan Dyke-Elliott).

Of course I don't want to minimize the success of our 13 and under swimmers who took part at Winter and Summer Festivals. Also all 13 and over swimmers who raced at the Spring and Summer Provincial Championships. These might be less of swim meets in comparison to the National Championships however there are very important developmental competition to these up and coming younger swimmers.

And yet again how could we not cheer loud and proud for our own swimmers who won medals, set up new RHAC records and respectfully represented our Club on the National  and International scene?

To all job well done!

I know I speak for the whole team -- we are very proud of you who participated at all these competitions. Now I am full of excitement because I already look forward to seeing what you are going to achieve in the next pre - Olympic year. Hopefully this will inspire other swimmers on the team, young and old, to go out and try to conquer their goals and achieve their dreams. With hard work, determination and commitment to yourself and holding yourself accountable for your goals, you can see that dreams can and do come true.

This fall brings us to a new season which is full of high level competitions. The question and the challenge in front of all swimmers on the team is: How many people can we place on the Canadian Junior or Senior Team? How many swimmers can we qualify for 2019 FINA Junior World Championship in Hungary to represent RHAC? Or just a thought wouldn't it be terrific for RHAC to have swimmers who dream to go to Tokyo in 2020?

There will be victories along the way that make the goal seem even more attainable. There will also be setbacks and hardships that will make an athlete wonder why they bother and test their resolve. There are no promises, no guarantees.

But if you dare to dream, if you dare to attempt what others thought was unattainable at least put yourself in the race. Nothing is impossible, you have a chance. Goals CAN be accomplished.

This is such an exciting time! RHAC started to produce elite level swimmers again. We will see in the coming months that will emerge and step up to the blocks.

Welcome to the new season and with its start a new challenge....

Good Luck!