Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide each swimmer with a quality program that allows them to reach their highest potential in swimming, in a safe, fun and friendly environment.


ROC SWIMMING club offers their members two streams of programs aimed at helping them to achieve their aquatic goals. Athletes can choose:

  1. To train to become highly competitive at the provincial & national level
  2. To participate and develop more along a path that will prepare them to be more efficient swimmers, for fun or fitness, to compete at basic levels of competition, or for jobs as lifeguards, instructors or coaches.                                                                                                            


In offering choices, we provide programs that are appealing to swimmers of all ages and abilities. This appeal is enhanced by the idea that regardless of one's capability, the coaches, and parents will work toward helping all athletes develop to whatever level or goal to which they aspire.


Our philosophy regarding competition is to provide competitive opportunities that will build the swimmer’s self-esteem and help them reach their maximum potential. This approach contributes to the long term development of the swimmer as per guidelines established by the provincial and national swimming sport governing bodies, and is effectively delivered based on our expertise and long term experience in the sport.



We prefer not to pressure children into competing at meets or in events for which they are not physically or mentally ready. For this reason, we offer a number of groups; some developmental and very instructional, with a few optional low level meets, and some groups that are much more competitive.




With this in mind we aim toward the following objectives:

To provide a progressive, excellence program where swimmers can develop to the best of their abilities and goals, being either competitive or non-competitive.

To foster the acquisition and development of a wide variety of skills in a fun learning and training environment that builds each swimmer’s self-esteem and swimming efficiency.

To promote a positive attitude toward each other, the coaches, the club and competitive swimming.

To generate a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

To promote balance in the swimmers life by taking into account the swimmers overall goals.