ROCS Triathlon Group has three options to serve you from whichever location is most convenient.

ROCS at Carleton University

Take your swim training to the next level!

ROC Swimming offers young and mature adults who are looking to improve their swimming ability the perfect place to train with other highly motivated athletes. The program is lead by super coach Pierre Lafontaine.  Pierre has worked around the world in swimming at the highest levels, including CEO of Swimming Canada, National Team Coach, Olympic Team Coach and head coach of many successful clubs across Canada.  He has a wealth of knowledge to share.

As current members know, this is a great spot to train with other swimmers who are hard working and dedicated. Training is offered two to four mornings per week and a cap on the number of spots available each morning means that you can train effectively without worry of an overly crowded lane.

Any new members looking to join are asked to contact coach Rick Hellard at [email protected]

Prospective swimmers should have a rough idea of what pace they can hold for 100 meter freestyle repeats and on which days they would like to train though a mimimum of 1:50/100 is expected.

Training times are:

For the morning people: Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday: 6:00-7:30 am

Members can register to swim two, three or four times per week. Please note that this is a full year program and your registration fee covers the period from September 10th to late August. There are two weeks of alternate training in the month of April while the Carleton pool is under maintenance shut-down.

If you have already contacted Rick and have confirmed a spot in the Triathlon Group, you can proceed to registration using the link below.

Zone3sports at Splash Pool 

For  those in the east end of Ottawa, ROCS and Zone3sports offer two swims per week at the Splash Pool, coached by Canadian Olympic Triathlete and US Olympic Triathlon Coach, Sharon Donnelly. 

  • Tuesday, 6-7am
  • Thursday, 6-7am

Zone3sports at Plant and Sawmill Creek Pools.

For those that can't make it to Carleton University, ROCS and Zone3sports offers the following three swims per week option:

  • Tuesday, 6-7:00am, Plant Recreation Center
  • Thursday, 6-7:00am, Sawmill Creek Pool
  • Saturday, 6-7:30am, Plant pool