Welcome to ROC Swimming, or ROCS. A private swimming club professionally run by swimming coaches. Located at the beautiful Carleton University pool, we offer pre-Competitive, Competitive and fitness training for youth and Triathlon/Multi-Sport training for adults. The Program Directors are world class - they know about swimming excellence as national and international competitors and about teaching/coaching from years of experience in developing programs and training swimmers. Best of all - they love what they do! For all inquiries contact [email protected]  For Adult Triathlon/Multi-Sport specific inquiries, contact Rick Hellard at: [email protected]


ROCS Covid-19 Policy

In order to protect the health and welfare of everyone involved with ROC Swimming, simply put, all members and staff of ROCS who can be vaccinated, MUST be double vaccinated.  The only exception to this rule will be for a medical exemption.  If you are not vaccinated, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to join us until you are.

We will require proof of vaccination, emailed to [email protected]

If anyone mis-represents their status, their membership will be terminated immediately with no refund, and will be banned from ROCS in the future.

This policy will be effective as of Sept 2nd, which will be the start of the 2021-2022 season.  

If you are currently in one of our programs and not vaccinated, we ask you to voluntarily withdraw from the program.  A refund for the balance of the remaining swims will be issued.  If you choose to get vaccinated, you will be welcomed back once you are fully vaccinated.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.



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