Welcome to our webpage on Officiating!

As ROCS has grown, the club has been very fortunate to have had a number of dedicated volunteers provide leadership in this area. As a result we have a solid base of volunteer knowledge; from which to support both current and new members.

Why is this important?

This is a positive step for the club for a couple of reasons. First the national organization (Swimming Canada), requires clubs in Canada to have a certain number of trained Officials across each level in order to be a member in good standing. Secondly, the club hosts one meet per year, along with some Time-Trials, and the club relies on having a large group of trained volunteer officials to deliver a successful event for our swimmers, and those that attend from other clubs.

Officials are a very important element of a swim club, and all parents of a registered swimmer(s) in a swim club are encouraged to get involved in this essential role!

Why is Officiating a good opportunity for parents?

Swimming requires volunteer Officials. Whether your swimmer is at the entry-level or swimming in a more experienced environment, learning how to officiate helps you as a parent better understand the sport. It also allows for the “on-deck” view of the races, and it provides another point of connection with your son/daughter.

How to become an Official

Courses are offered by our club (and others in the area) that enable volunteers to become trained.

Swimming Canada has established guidelines for the training, and as a registered member of Swim Ontario, we have access to many educational tools to assist with officials development. 

In order to keep an active base of qualified officials, ROCS is asking families to participate in training this season.

Parents of our Academy Red swimmers, are being asked to take a course to become a Timer. The course takes approximately 2 hours of classroom time.

Parents in the Academy White group are being asked to become Stroke and Turn judges. The course takes approximately 3 hours of both classroom and pool time.

There are also many other volunteer opportunities for different courses and levels in this area, and we encourage you to speak to our very knowledgeable Club Officials Chair (Wendy McCutcheon) for more information. (See Contact Info below).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 2019-20 Course Dates and Times?

Schedule to be determined. At this point, we have not confirmed a schedule of courses. Please check back in early October for this information, and watch for the info via e-mail, as well as on the event page.

What do I wear?

Timers are to wear ‘White Shirts”, and all other levels are to wear “Red Shirts”; all levels are to wear “black” bottoms. (Details are provided as part of the course.) Information on where to purchase these shirts will be provided via the Event Page listing on the ROCS website.

How do I register as an Official?

As of September 1, 2015 all clubs in Canada were required to register their Officials on a data base, that links with both the Province (Swim Ontario) and Swimming Canada. For information on how to register as an Official with ROCS (and Swimming Canada), please visit the Events page.

How do I Keep my Account Up-To-date during the Season?

Once you have registered and established a profile, our COC (Wendy McCutcheon) will be able to up-date your information whenever you attend a clinic or get an experience sign-off. Wendy is also available to respond to questions about the Officials area and to also mentor you in any position/duty that you are interested in volunteering for within or outside of our club.

Club Contact

Club Official Chair, Club Official Administrator

Wendy McCutcheon: [email protected], or 613-232-8757.