ROCS Fills the Stands for Distance Night and Pentathlon

Amanda Macdonald
Apr 18, 2019

ROCS Fills the Stands for Distance Night and Pentathlon

For the past seven years, ROCS has been kicking off the month of April and the long-course swimming season with its Annual Distance Night & Pentathlon meet series. Our meet has become increasingly popular for local clubs around the Ottawa Valley and this year ROCS was pleased to host over 300 swimmers from other teams in addition to our own 106 participants! 

The ROCS Pentathlon is typically the first long-course experience for many of our swimmers. We kicked off this part of the season strongly with over 225 personal bests and over 140 times we had swimmers try an event for the first time ever! Congratulations to the many swimmers who are well on their way to earning to Bronze, Silver, or Gold cap awards at the end of this season! No matter how far your swimming journey takes you, all swimmers share the common experience of trying an event for the first time. Participation is one of ROC Swimming’s values and we applaud all our swimmers for their efforts and trying new things!

A double high-five must go to Emma Fay and Isabella Dean, both of Academy White, whom qualified for the Eastern Ontario Long-Course Regional Championships in June! Congratulations Emma and Isabella!

We had many huge improvements from our meet, check out our Top 10 Most Improved Swims from that weekend:

1. Ryan Ait mamar - 50m butterfly - 37%
Alexander D’Alessio - 100m freestyle - 33%
Evan Ostrowalker - 100m butterfly - 27%
4. Abby Griffin - 50m butterfly - 27%
Cecily Goddard - 50m butterfly - 26%
Samantha Janssen - 50m butterfly - 25%
Maya Molitor - 50m butterfly - 25%
Jordan Pawlak - 50m butterfly - 22%
Logan Milne - 100m breaststroke/100m butterfly - 21%
Alexandra Season - 100m breaststroke - 20%

ROCS was also very proud to take home five of the eight FINA High Point awards from our own meet this year - the most we have achieved to date! FINA, which stands for Fédération Internationale de Natation, is the international governing body for all aquatic sports. All swims are ranked or assigned a point score relative to the world record in that event. A FINA point score of 1000 points indicates a performance that matches the current world record. 

As a way to encourage and reward well-rounded swimmers who can achieve success across all four stroke disciplines as well as the combined medley event, we provide a reward to those swimmers who have the highest combined score across the five events: 200 IM, plus 50s/100s of each stroke.

Congratulations to our FINA High Point Award Winners from the 2019 ROCS Pentathlon:

11-12: Jacob Pawlak
13-14: Merin Boyd & Alexander Dalessio
15 & Over: Sawyer Bosley & William Risk

Congratulations to our records breakers from the ROCS Distance Night & Pentathlon:

Name Event Age Group Course Time
Jacob Pawlak 50 FR 11-12 LCM 29.66
Jacob Pawlak 50 FLY 11-12 LCM 31.46
Jacob Pawlak 200 IM 11-12 LCM 2:43.64
Cecily Goddard 50 BR 11-12  LCM 38.94

Thank you again to the many volunteers that helped make our event and our club a success! Thank you to Michael Wheatley and Jamie Risk who spent time on pool deck capturing all the excitement and fast swimming with their camera lenses.