ROCS Finishes 4th at 13th Annual Bring on the Bay

Amanda Macdonald
Jul 16, 2019

ROCS Finishes 4th at 13th Annual Bring on the Bay

This past Saturday, several swimmers from ROC Swimming’s age group and adult triathlon program participated in the Easter Seal’s 13th Annual Bring on the Bay 3km open water race in the Ottawa River.

Kudos to all those who attempted the unique challenge that is an open water swimming race! Bring on the Bay was happening at the same time as the FINA Open Water World Championships in Gwangju, Korea where the 5km, 10km, and 25km race distances are contested. Canada has already had a podium performance by Eric Hedlin finishing 3rd in the 5km race with a time of 53:32.40.

ROCS would like to encourage all of our swimmers to participate in open water racing as a summer activity. It is a fantastic way to extend the season into July and August as well as another avenue to improve overall fitness.

Congratulations to all of our participants and thank you for coming out and supporting the Easter Seals while helping our team finish in 4th place in the overall team standings!

Individual Results

Team Results


William Risk, 37:30, 2nd overall, 2nd in category

Luca Haines, 39:38, 1st in category

Hannah Markey, 41:37, 3rd female overall, 2nd in category

Freddy Chandler-Bass, 41:36

Alex D’Alessio, 41:41

Merin Boyd, 43:58, 3rd in category

Coach Justin Kernot, 45:28, 2nd in category

Olivier Risk, 45:29

Lauren Mouser, 46:38

Coach Rick, 48:24

Ryan Ait Mamar, 48:26

Tyler Laliberte, 48:52

Logan Milne, 50:29

Ann Marie Foley, 51:59, 3rd in category

Julie Paquette, 55:19

Meagan Adams, 55:25

Ali Davis, 56:12

Ben Turcotte, 56:42

Katheryn Cochrane, 57:25

Emily Heath, 58:28

George Reid, 59:29

Trish Bezaire, 59:26

Frances Hardwick, 1:00:02, 2nd in category

Helen Fortier, 1:11

David Nogas, 1:12

Luc Beauchesne, 1:13

Isabella Dean, 1:14

Connie Copeland, 1:17

Jennifer Hocking, 1:19


Coach Filippo Porco, 22:36, 1st in category

Gemma Rudnicki, 22:51 (GO)

Coach Sharon Donnelly, 23:30

Karen Mondoux, 30:20, 3rd in category

Brian Miller, 37:37

Vincent Young, 45:40