2022-2023 Fundraising Opportunities 

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about fundraising for your swimmer's account.


Fundraising as outlined in  the Rods Handbook:


5.5) Fundraising opportunities: The Club undertakes corporate and special project fundraising activities (which can be used to offset the costs on personal accounts) which may include: 5.5)1. Special projects such as 50/50s, raffles, etc. and events such as the swim marathon as well as working bingos, rider games, exhibition, agribition etc. 5.5)2. A minimum of 15% of all fundraising is retained by the club for administration and other associated costs.

Fundraising is optional but we will have many fundraising opportunities throughout the year which families can participate in to offset training costs. Some fundraisers are as follows:

  1. Working Bingos

      2.  Vegas Raffle October-March (Draw is at the Swim Marathon)

      3.  Online 50/50

      4.  Georgina Swim Marathon (participation is mandatory)

      5.  Working Rider Games

      6.  Working Exhibition Clean up


More info below. 

Club Fundraisers 

March 2023

Georgina Syrgiannis Swim Marathon  


Swimmers will be required to swim for a specific time period (usually 1 hour) and swim as many laps as they can in that time period, depending on their level. This is a fun event followed by prizes and a social including dinner.

10% of the the total amount raised will go to the Regina Palliative Care unit in memory of Georgina Syrgiannis,  15% is retained by the club, and the remainder collected will go directly to your child's fundraising account.




May 19-21,             2023

Michelle Moore Meet 

Fundraisers include swimmer raffle, 50-50 draws, and raffle table. Any donations are appreciated.



Year round  Co-op gas tags       

The RODS have an account with the Regina Co-ops.  If you fill up with gas at a co-op and enter the RODS account ID, the RODS receive a percentage of all sales annually. Visit the link for more information. Please email [email protected]  if you would like a tag.



Monthly  Bingos

The RODS have a license with the Bingo Palace.  The Bingo Palace allocates 3 to 4 bingos per month for the RODS.  Four to six workers are needed to run a bingo.  The RODS receive 12 to 14% of the gross sales per bingo.  Bingo workers are paid $14/hour early shift and $15/hour late shift .  Bingo credits are credited to the swimmers fundraising account, but there is a two month lag.  Bingos worked in September would be paid on or about November 28.  There is no 15% holdback for the club as the club receives a 25% grant from SLGA.


Seasonal  Rider Games  The RODS receive 12 to 18 spots for inside sales liquor sales.  Volunteers will be required to  mix drinks and serve customers.  Payouts are done 2 to 3 months after the end of the football season usually January/February.  Payouts are based on the gross funds received divided by the number of hours worked.  Historically, football games have paid out $15 to $18 per hour plus great cash tips! The clubs holds back 15%  of the overall payout for general revenue.
August  Exhibition Clean-up  The RODS have the contract with the Regina Exhibition Association to clean the grounds during Buffalo Days.  Work includes changing out garbage, picking up garbage, sorting out the recycling, etc.  The base contract is $10,000 and the RODS receive all the recycling as well.  Historically, payouts have been $18 to $25 per hour worked.  Again, this is dependent upon the amount of recycling that is recovered. The clubs holds back 15% of the overall payout for general revenue.