We are able to offer a Dolphin group for 6 weeks

From January 10 to February 14

Location: Lawson

Sunday: 5:00 to 5:55pm

Cost: $150 session fees and $50 Admin & Insurance.


  • Our program contains 4 levels, Turtle, Starfish, Fish & Dolphin. Our certified and trained Instructors will teach your kids in a fun some awesome skills in the water which will make them comfortable with the water and good swimmers at some point.
  • Our sessions (Fall, Winter & Spring) are 9 weeks long, each class is 45min for the price of 94$. you can get a 30% off if you sign up for twice a week.
  • Fall intensive session is 8 weeks long for $84.

We also have access to 3 locations:

  1. UofR Pool: for all 4 levels 
  2. Lawson Pool for Starfish, Fish & Dolphin level
  3. College Park Pool: Turste & Starfish level





Please bring your swimmer's previous report card if they were previously registered in Junior Dolphins.

Please complete the following forms and bring to your coach:


Swimmer Registration: The final step of registering with the swim club is the confirmation of primary contact and demographic information related to your family and swimmer(s) in the registration system. When the club Registrar creates a swimmer, registration invoice an auto-email is generated to the primary contact email address asking for review and confirmation of the submitted information. This email will be from [email protected] and the subject line will be titled: Swimmer Registration Confirmation. The link can be accessed once, and you will have the option to create your own username and password for re-accessing the account. It only takes a couple of minutes to review and update your contact information and swimmer details. If you require assistance with this confirmation step, your club’s Registrar is the person who can assist you.

If you do not agree with having your swimmer's photo taken, (photos may be added to social media sites and our website) please fill out section B of the PIPEDA and email your form to [email protected]

NOTE: It is only upon completing the online registration that you/your swimmer are considered officially registered and a member of Regina Optimist Dolphins Swim Team and then covered by the insurance policy. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.




                                                              email: [email protected]  for more information.


Junior Dolphins Learn to Swim Program YMCA Rec Cross Former JD Program
Turtle Gliders, Divers, Otter, Seal Sunfish, Swim Kids 1 Pups
Starfish Surfers, Dippers, Dolphin Crocodile, Swim Kids 2 Novice
Fish Swimmer, Star 1-2 Whale, Swim Kids, 3-4 Intermediate
Dolphin Star 3,4,5,6 Swim Kids 5+ Advanced