PreComp News March

Craig Nieuwstad
Mar 29, 2019

PreComp News

Pride, Discipline, Loyalty, Commitment & Respect


What’s happening 

Congratulations to Gillian Kimens who achieved their SwimSask Novice Graduation Time.

Good Luck to our Pre-Comp Coaches, Brian Palaschuk, Ryan Jensen, Wawa Elbos, & Etienne Paquin-Foisy who are competing at the Canadian Swimming Trials in Toronto 3 April - 7 April 2019

We had exciting Black & Green Meet 5 which took place at the Lawson during the break of the Prairie Championships. Swimmers who attend had fun time racing and showing off their skills in the pool that was set up for the Championships. We also had a good time hosting the Moose Jaw PreComp swimmers who joined us.

Don't forget to sign up for the Day Camp and Black & Green 6. The Day Camp is a great bonus opportunity to enhance those swim skills and is run by lead Prospect coach Nail.

Upcoming Events
May 10th: Black & Green Meet 6 (Link)
May 17th: Day Camp (Link)
May 17th: Team Potluck (Link)
Sport to the Working World


Bingo:Bingos are another opportunity for parents to raise money for their fundraising account. Payout varies from $10- $20/hour and the funds go directly to your account. Working bingos is actually quite a bit of fun and it's a great way to meet parents! Please contact Michelle @ if you have any questions or would like to work bingos. See more information on Rods Fundrasing opportunities.(info)

Chase the Ace Fundraiser @ The Broken Rack every Tuesday from 6-8pm.  Come out and support the Team and have a chance to win!! (info)  We still need  volunteers to sell tickets from 6-8pm on Tuesday nights. All volunteers receive a free dinner that night as well. Volunteers receive 10 points/session worked,  all sessions are posted on the event page for 2 workers to sign up.

Swimmer of the Month

Bronze (M/W): Congratulations to Joshua Austin-Koyl. For the days he was here he was always eager to work hard and swim fast. He has drastically improved his listening skills and loves to race his peers. Importantly he helps his peers and encourages them to swim fast. Joshua really deserves to be March’s Swimmer of the Month! Congrats Josh

Bronze (T/TH): Astrin Selinger. Astrin always comes to the pool with a positive attitude ready to improve. She has done a great job slowing down & focusing on the details this March. Way to fo Astrin

Silver: Katie Spies. Katie has had a an amazing month of March. Katie was very eager to improve, working hard on whatever was asked of her. Great job Katie.

Gold: Savanna Hynd. Savanna is always smiling & really happy to hop in & improve. During this month she showed a good attitude.

Pre-Comp Lawson: Brighton Snider. Brighton was a great listner during practices. He has had good application and a positive attitude.

Congratulations swimmers