RODS Fall Raffles 2019

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RODS Fall Raffle 2019

We are excited to share with you our 1stopportunity to raise money for your personal fundraising accounts!

We are sending home 1 book of tickets if your swimmer is in pre-competitive (bronze, silver or gold) and 2 books for swimmers in competitive. More are available – just email There are 30 tickets in each book & they are $10 each (each book is worth $300). 

Please keep track of ALL the tickets you receive. We need them ALL back sold or unsold for our SLGA grant! Any unsold, unreturned tickets will be charged to your account.

Very Important! All tickets must be returned, sold or unsold, absolutely no later than DECEMBER 13, 2019!!

Board members will be at the LAWSON on Weds. Dec 11to collect tickets & Friday, Dec. 13that U of R. If you would like to arrange to drop off of sold tickets & money prior to Dec. 13that U of R, please email: Please use the provided bag to return sold/ unsold tickets and cash/

The winner will be drawn Dec. 20that our Christmas Party at the Lawson!

The left side of the ticket must be filled in completely to provide us with information to contact the winners and this is kept by the seller (student) for entry in to the draw (returned to the school once the book is sold).




The right side of the ticket, 

with information on prizes, 

is given to the buyer. 

Rods Families: feel free to share the following for promo purposes:

RODS Fall Raffle 2019!

Thank you for your willingness to support the Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Team in our fall raffle!  Purchasing tickets will not only give you the opportunity to win up to $20,000; the funds we raise will give our swimmers the opportunity to train, race & travel for the sport they love. Thank you for your support & good luck! The winner will be drawn December 20th, 2019 at our Christmas Party at the Lawson!