October 18th Newsletter

Office Information

Quote of the week:

"Don't ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure. Thats on top of my lineup card every night." Joe Maddon

RODS Fall Raffle 2019!

We are excited to share with you our 1st opportunity to raise money for your personal fundraising accounts!

We are sending home 1 book of ticket if your swimmer is in pre-competitive (bronze, silver or gold) and 2 books for swimmers in competitive. More are available – just email office@reginadolphins.com. There are 30 tickets in each book & they are $10 each (each book is worth $300). 

Please keep track of ALL the tickets you receive. We need them ALL back sold or unsold for our SLGA grant! Any unsold, unreturned tickets will be charged to your account.

Very Important!

All tickets must be returned, sold or unsold, absolutely no later than DECEMBER 13, 2019!!

Board members will be at the LAWSON on Weds. Dec 11to collect tickets & Friday, Dec. 13that U of R. If you would like to arrange to drop off of sold tickets & money prior to Dec. 13that U of R, please email: office@reginadolphins.com. Please use the provided bag to return sold/ unsold tickets and cash/

The winner will be drawn Dec. 20that our Christmas Party at the Lawson! (Read all information)

Did you miss the Gala? You didn't get the gift? Don't worry. You can purchase it on the website (here)

Calendar 2019-20 (Oct 11th Update)

4x50s Kick Test

Club Wide 4 x 50m Kick Test Results can be seen here

Message from RYMM officials coordinator:

"We are in need of a few officials for our meet. Here is the link of our official's sign up.

Message from meet managers:

1)We are currently looking for someone to oversee the Raffle Table for the Christmas Party Future Stars Invitational Meet that the RODFS are hosting on December 14 & 15. We can provide direction on what needs to be done for this job. Please email the office if you mioght be interested in helping out or contact Kirsten Brough (one of the club Meet Managers) office@reginadolphins.com. This would be a great job for a new parent who is creative and is not yet ready to officiate!

2)We would like to start supplying water coolers at out club hosted meets (instead of providing bottled water) for athletes, coaches and officials. Ideally we would like to have the coolers donated. If anyone has connections to a company that would sponsor water coolers four our meets, please contact Kirsten Brough at office@reginadolphins.com

What’s New:​​​

  • Monday, Oct 28th: 1st Parents Conference at the Lawson. 5:30-6:00pm. The Trio (Parents, swimmer, and coach)
  • Saskatoon Invite Update: The meet starts Friday, Nov 1st, at 7:30 am. The team will travel to Saskatoon on Thursday, Oct 31st at 6 pm
  • New team "shop" on the website. If you are missing anything, take a look and see if we have it in stock.
  • Tickets for Halloween steak night are up for sale on the website. Deadline to get some is October 23rd
  • Stroke Clinic 2 is up on the events page on November 11th 
  • New Meet in the Events page: Medicine Hat Invite Nov 23rd and 24th.
  • Link to the Officials 1 course available online available to all swim parents who are new to officiating at a swim meet(info)

Massage Therapist: If you need a massage, please contact Dawn Schroeder (306) 535-1381. Dawn is working with our High-Performance athletes.

Article for parents: Olympians talk about the importance of friendships in swimming By SwimSwam


  • Rider Game Info: There are 10 Roughrider home games and the RODS receive 10 spots for inside sales liquor sales.  Volunteers will be required to mix drinks and serve customers.  Payouts are done 2 to 3 months after the end of the football season usually January/February.  Payouts are based on the gross funds received divided by the number of hours worked.  Historically, football games have paid out $15 to $18 per hour. We do not know how much money we will receive for any given year as it is based on sales and is impacted by weather and attendance at the Rider Games. The clubs hold back 15%  of the overall payout for general revenue. You will need a special occasion responsible service certificate to work the games.  The course costs $10 and a copy of the certificate needs to go the person organizing the Rider games. The link is https://stec.skillbuilder.co/catalog/38/1

          Thank you and if you have any questions please contact Leigh at mlspence@accesscomm.ca

  • Bingo: Bingos are another opportunity for parents to raise money for their fundraising account. The payout varies from $10- $20/hour and the funds go directly to your account. Working bingos is actually quite a bit of fun and it’s a great way to meet parents! Please contact Leigh at mlspence@accesscomm.ca. If you have any questions or would like to work bingos. See more information on  Rods Fundraising opportunities. info

Importante date & future events:

**All Competitive parents are responsible to decline before the deadline for any competition. The Pre-competitive parents are responsible to sign up before the deadline

Oct 19-20: RYMM swim meet

Oct 30: Comp groups halloween pool party at UofR pool and halloween steak night at the Broken Rack

Oct 31: Pre-comp groups halloween pool party at UofR pool

Nov 1: Cougars College Cup

Nov 1-3: Saskatoon Goldfin Meet

Nov 11: Stroke Clinic #2