The Junior Dolphins ‘Learn to Race’ Program:

A single progressive scheme that starts with introducing babies of a few months old to the pool and concludes by leading children, teenagers, and young adults into the ROD Competitive Program and other specialized programs.

The Program is divided into a number of components:

Angelfish (This program is in development and is intended to be scheduled for the 2013 – 2014 swim season) 

Infant and Toddler classes are specially designed for children between the ages of 3 months to 3 years. The classes are taught in our indoor pools heated between 87-92 degrees. Warm water is essential for optimal learning with this age group!

In the Parent and Pup class a mother, father, grandparent, or other care giver participates in the pool along with baby.  Our coaches teach water adjustment skills that help the little ones become acclimated with the pool environment.  The Parent/Guardian and the child learn together as skill attainment is achieved through songs, games and routine.  When the swimmer is ready to graduate into a small class of 6 the parent graduates out of the water as the swimmers learn how to work in a group effectively with the Instructor.  The Baby Pup level is where creativity soars as learning is achieved through creative imagery, routine, and group patterns.


Pups — this series of three (3) levels is designed to teach principally very young children ages 3-5 basic orientation, floatation, basic propulsion and safety awareness as an integral part of the ROD program. 

Note: Building a strong foundation in the beginning is key to all future swimming.  During these fundamental stages patient parents will have the satisfaction knowing that their child is learning solid skills to last a lifetime.


Novicethis series of three (3) levels is designed to teach young children ages 4—6 intermediate water adjustment and beginning swimming with initial stroke development.


Intermediatethis series of three (3) levels is designed to teach young children ages 5—7 stroke development as an advanced beginner, continued stroke development and improvement.


Advancedthis series of three (3) levels is designed to teach young children ages 7—10 stroke and skill refinements, providing further coordination and stroke proficiency, developing swimming prowess, power and smoothness over greater and greater distances.


Upon completion of the RJD Learn to Race Program swimmers will be able to:

Swim 100M

Perform four (4) strokes

Perform Underwater Streamline Body Dolphin

Perform Dive Starts and BackStarts