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Regina Dolphins swimmers and their families enjoy many wonderful benefits as a result of their membership in this amazing swim club.


  • Participating in practices and at meets is fun
  • Swimming friendships can last a lifetime as swimmers get to hang out with friends during practice and at meets
  • Carpooling to practice, riding the bus to meets, and staying together with teammates leads to these strong, lifelong friendships.


  • Athletes train hard and are successful at the local, provincial, national, and international levels.
  • Athletes have captured club, provincial, and national records in swimming and para-swimming.
  • Athletes develop a strong work ethic that leads to success out of the water, such as school awards, high school honour roll, university scholarships, and successful careers.
  • Athletes are encouraged and coached to ensure they strive for excellence, both in and out of the water.


  • RODS coaches have, combined, over 80 years of coaching experience.
  • RODS coaches have trained athletes from pre-competitive to Olympics-bound swimmers.
  • RODS coaches have trained athletes in many countries – including Canada, England, and France – bringing that international experience to our prairie swimmers.
  • The coaches of the Learn to Swim program are trained and certified as Level 1 coaches, ensuring the youngest and newest swimmers are set on their path to excellence from the very beginning.


  • The club has a long history of swimming in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and the United States.
  • Swimmers have made lifelong connections to people from all of these places.
  • This history, these connections, means we have secured financial partnerships to ensure the financial success of the club.


  • There are many opportunities for parents to raise funds, directly into their swimmer account, to keep the sport affordable for their families.
  • Many fundraising opportunities are unique to the RODS because our club is of sufficient size to secure large-scale fundraising contracts, including working the bars at the Rider games, cleaning up during the Queen City Ex, have a lot of opportunities to work bingos, and hosting a cabaret.


  • The RODS swim at the only Olympic-sized pool in the city, as well as at the University of Regina for the pre-competitive swimmers.
  • The organizational structure is based on many years of successful operation
  • Our club offers a Learn to Swim program for young and new swimmers, feeding our successful competitive program.
  • As much as possible, the swimmers travel to meets as a team, reducing the cost for each swimmer to attend important out of town meets. Traveling as a team brings the swimmers closer as they stick together during the long days of the meets.


  • Several times each year the swimmers come together to give back to the community that so generously supports them. The club participates in the Terry Fox run in the September,  and raises money for cancer research at both the Terry Fox run and by donating to Palliative care after our Georgina Syrgiannis Swim Marathon.