Who we are

We are the Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club, a non-profit swim club based at the Lawson Aquatic Center in Regina, Saskatchewan. The Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club exists to develop each swimmer to his or her fullest potential through quality programs. We are dedicated to excellence in life and sport skills through pride, discipline, loyalty and commitment.

Our Mission

The Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club exists to develop each swimmer to his or her fullest potential through quality programs.

Our Vision

To be the dominant swim club in Saskatchewan and a national leader in athlete development by providing swimmers with innovate, educated and enthusiastic programming.

We will strive to be a prominent competitor in national swimming.

Our Motto

Pride, Discipline, Loyalty, Commitment and Respect

These are key words, which are used in our club's motto, as well as reinforced by our coaching staff to all groups of swimmers. Every athlete will come to learn that pride in oneself comes from doing and accomplishing things that are challenging and difficult. Pride also comes from belonging to an organization made up of people who share common desires and pursue their goals with boldness, confidence and mutual support. Athletes are encouraged to support club activities, wear team colors and speak with pride about our organization.

We believe that the "will to prepare to win" is the essence of discipline, commitment and good sportsmanship. Taking responsibility for the things we have control over and having the desire to work consistently to bring about attainment of goals and objectives are characteristics that our organization promotes. Athletes are encouraged to be honest and respectful with themselves, their parents and coaches, and accept responsibility for their actions.

Mutual respect for one another is promoted, and by helping and encouraging others, athletes come to learn the values of loyalty and team spirit. Individual achievements mean so much more when shared with a group of people who care and share similar goals.

The Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club is proud to be a youth organization, which promotes the development of such life skills as pride, discipline, loyalty, independence and respect for oneself and others.

Key Strategies



  1. Coaching Leadership - Establish an effective coaching leadership team in support of our vision.

  2. Cost Drivers - Review key cost drivers and develop mitigation actions to minimize expenses to our membership.

  3. Revenue Sources - Develop a long-term sustainable and consistent revenue plan.

  4. Communication - Enhance our communication by establishing open, honest and transparency between membership, coaching staff and community.

  5. Junior Dolphins - Grow and nurture the Junior Dolphin Program as a foundation for the club and a source of new competitive swimmers.

  6. Varsity Program - Continue our commitment to the University of Regina Cougars program by providing all Saskatchewan swimmers an opportunity to remain in Saskatchewan during their University years.

Our Mailing Address:

PHONE (306) 586-3909

Office Hours at the Lawson Aquatic Centre, 1717 Elphinstone Street:

Monday - Thursday:  4:00 pm - 6:00 pm