To be part of the Cougars Swim Team, please follow the procedure:

  1. Contact the recruiter coordinator or the head coach by email [email protected] or by phone (306) 209-1100
  2. Open an account: U Sports Central Portal - —> student-athlete —> Sign in —> Enter email and U Sports ID (there is an option to have your U SPORTS ID sent to the email you registered with you can't remember your ID.

  3. Acknowledgment and Consent Form - In order for an athlete to appear on an eligibility certificate (official roster) for the upcoming year, you must log in and electronically acknowledge the form, INCLUDING new student-athletes that have already completed the registration and paid the fee. Most usually complete the registration before July 15th so the acknowledgment form would not have been there at that time. For returning athletes, all you have to do is log into your U SPORTS profile and accept the terms of the Acknowledgment & Consent form. 

  4. Update Profile - Please take a few moments to review your profile and update the information (i.e. change of address or contact information, height, weight, position).

  5. 1) CCES Anti-doping course: This is actually still applicable to athletes that have completed the CCES course for the year, as it requires them to update their CCES profiles. This is especially important for anyone that has transferred from another institution/organization. You might still have access to the 2019 True Sport Clean (Review in some cases) through your former institution/organization. If you are registered with a different institution, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you update your CCES profile through "My Courses" and choose the University of Regina as your institution. If you do not do this, you will not appear on my administration portal and then I will not be able to track who has/hasn't completed the course (See attached document CCES related documents)

  6. Time Standards (Women's Team) (Men's Team)




Some Results:

Noah Choboter winning the GOLD 20116