A little bit about us:

 Our team focuses on all of the 4 different styles of swimmers, sprinters, IMers, Mid-distance, and Distance. Each workout is specially designed for each type of swimmer in the pool and in the weight room. We have 4 coaches, 2 mainly focus on the University team, and 2 help throughout the week as well. We have a Long course and Short course practice opportunities in two different facilities. The University pool is a short course only and our second facility is off-campus and has the ability to turn into a short course and long course as we see fit for the practice of the day. We have a high-performance weight room at the University that is Cougar athletes only, all Cougar weight room sessions are supervised by a coach and we have 1 weight trainer, her name is Carmen. We have a Hydrotherapy room for cold baths which is also closed to the general public, that you can use at any time. We have 1 massage therapist, she provides massages to the team every Wednesday and Thursday free of charge to them.


Our Season:


Team Bonding: Every year we take a trip to Banff in Alberta for our annual team bonding experience. Here new athletes meet returning athletes and form friendships and get to know each other. Head coach and Assistant coach are also part of this trip


Swim meets: We have 4 University competitions, 2 College Cups in the CanadaWest division, one of them in Vancouver, and one of them we host here in Regina, CanadaWest Swimming Championship, and U Sports Championship. 


We also attend various other non-varsity swim meets throught the province and the country.


Training Camps: We have 2 different training camps. The first is held in November. We attend Colleges Cup in Vancouver and from there fly to Maui, Hawaii for our first training camp of the year. That one is 1 week long and also serves a little bit as team bonding as new recruits are able to room with older swimmers.


Our second training camp is more intensive and is usually either somewhere at altitude or somewhere at sea level. In the past, we have gone to Mexico City, Cancun, Flagstaff and last year we went to Queretaro in Mexico.



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Our questions to you!

  • What are your goals for next season?
  • What are you doing right now to stay in shape at home?
  • What do you want to study?

 Swimming specific condition:

  • Time Standard: The student-athlete must make the time to be a member of the Cougars
  • The qualifying period for the Cougar swim team: is between June 2019 and March 2020.
  • All activities and competitions are mandatory.
  • Meet and maintain all practice, competition, fitness, conduct, fundraising and performance requirements for team members as identified by the team coach
  • Fulfillment of the required performance standards of the team both during and after the regular season, to ensure a place in the program in the following season. Following your first year, you must continue to make the team each season in order to be considered for that year’s scholarship.
  • Achieve the annual fitness and academic/athletic performance goals mutually established by the student-athlete and team coach at the beginning of each school year;
  • The athlete must train and attend Canadian Summer Nationals or Canadian Juniors Nationals or its equivalent end of the year meet in the summer or as mutually agreed upon by the athlete and coach.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Craig Nieuwstad
Head Coach      
c: 1+ (306) 201-9500  / O: +1 (306) 585-4922