Our club operates out of both Watermania and Minoru pools. Our learn to swim program, the Rapids Swim School, (children 6-10 years of age) runs out of Minoru pool. At Watermania, we have competitive programs for children 8 years of age and higher.  We also have non-competitive programs for swimmers 11-14 years of age. For more information please read the program overview below or contact us at [email protected] 

2020-2021 Season Registration Information 

To join our club, any potential new swimmers must complete an assessment. Please email [email protected] for more information. 

Current programming is only offered at Watermania and is very limited. Assessments for new swimmers may be done by invitation only, at the descretion of the club registrar. 
If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]


Program Overview

*Please refer to our registration package for more information about each group.

Rapids Swim School

This is our entry level program for children 6-10 years old.  This four level program develops children’s basic swimming skills in all four competitive swimming strokes, starts and turns.

After a swimmer progresses through the Swim School levels he/she will be encouraged to join the club’s Age Group Development, Regional Development or Youth Fitness programs as appropriate.

Age Group Development Program

The Age Group Development program is designed to introduce young athletes (age 10 and under) to the sport of swimming. Skill sets begin at fundamental levels and continue upward, and are consistently focused on developing skilled and knowledgeable athletes. AGD swimmers are encouraged to be multi-disciplined and multi-sport. Once they reach age 11, swimmers can move up to the Regional Development or Provincial Age Group programs.

Technical Development

This year-round program is for children 11 years of that age out of Swim School and wish to continue developing their swimming skills but are not yet ready to participate in the RD White or Youth Fitness programs. The goal of this program is to build a swimmer's skills to move into the Regional Development Program.

Regional Development Program

This level of our program is designed to introduce swimmers over the age of 11-13 years of age to competitive swimming or to continue to develop regional competition level athletes. Swimmers are expected to have completed Swim School level 4 or equivalent and be interested in competition.

Youth Competitive

This group is for swimmers 11 & older who are interested in continuing to swim and race, but are either involved in multiple other activities or are generally more casually interested in the sport. These swimmers will be able to compete in several competitions throughout the year, as well as any championship events that they qualify for.

Provincial Age Group Program

This level of our program is for highly motivated athletes from 11 to 14 years of age, who are committed to long-term development. The focus of the group is learning to train, mastering more sophisticated techniques, and exposing the swimmer to expanding aspects of competitive swimming and the sporting lifestyle.

Senior Provincial

This program is for provincial-level swimmers 14 and over, working to develop and maintain the ability to perform at a provincial level. The focus of the group is to continue the process of physiological and technical training with exposure to multiple levels of competition and developing a successful student-athlete lifestyle.   A high level of commitment is required for participation in this program.  

National Age Group & National Programs

NAG is a pre-senior level program. The goal of NAG is to develop dedicated athletes further to be successful at national level competitions (Western Canadian Championships and Junior National Championships) and to prepare them for senior-level development.

The National level of our program is for motivated and dedicated nationally qualified swimmers. The focus of this group is to develop the athlete's ability and skills to qualify and compete as a finalist at the National level with the potential to reach the International level. Participation in these programs is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach.

Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness is an introductory level for swimmers 11-14 year old who have some swimming skills, want to continue developing these skills as well as their knowledge of the four competitive swimming strokes. This program is designed for recreational swimmers that do not wish to participate in competition.

BCSSA Winter Maintenance

For competitive summer swimmers looking to maintain or develop swimming skills between September to April. Swimmers are placed in an appropriate Rapids program based on age and ability and must adhere to BCSSA Winter Maintenance rules. Availability of this program is very limited and only provided once registration in all other programs is completed.

University Swimmers

For swimmers 18 & over away from their university looking for off-season or holiday training. Swimmers must be nationally qualified and participation is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach.