Minoru Centre for Active Living



7191 Granville Avenue, Richmond, B.C. V6Y 1N9

Phone: 604-233-6225

Email:  [email protected]

This premier indoor aquatic centre offers six bodies of water and is suitable for all ages and abilities.  It is conveniently located in Richmond’s city center, next to Minoru Park, Minoru Arenas, Minoru Place Activity Centre, and the Library/Cultural Centre.

Aquatic Centre Features

Leisure Pool:

  • River run with spray features and jetted seated area
  • Zero depth entry splash area for toddlers
  • 120L mega soaker tipping bucket
  • Double-wide child slide
  • "Errant Rain Cloud" interactive public art installation
  • Accesible entry
  • Temperature set at 32 degrees Celsuis

Teach Pool:

  • 6 lane 25-metre lap pool
  • Depths of 1.2 metres to 1.5 metres
  • Unique accesible infinity/transfer edge
  • Temperature set at 30 degrees Celsius

Lap Pool:

  • 8 lane 25-metre pool
  • Drop slide
  • Rock climbing wall
  • 1 metre diving board
  • Depths of 1.2 metres to 3.5 metres
  • Unique accesible infinity/transfer edge
  • Temperature set at 28 degrees Celsius

Family Hot Pool:

  • Largest hot pool in Canada with 110 pressure jet throughout
  • Accesible ramp for easy entry
  • Depth of 1 metre
  • Temperature set at 38 degrees Celsius

Wellness Area:

  • Adult hot pool with temperatures set at 40 degrees Celsius an fitted with pressure jets
  • A "polar plunge" cold pool set at 15 - 17 degrees Celsius

Dop Slide (located in the 8 lane pool)

  • A slide with a 5 foot free-fall drop into the water

Climbing wall (located in the 8 lane pool)

  • a 12 for (3.5m) wide climbing wall that allows two climbers to scale up to 16 feet above the water

1 metre diving board (located in the 8 lane lane pool)

​Change rooms

  • Featuring both univeral and gender-specific change areas
  • Showers, change stalls and day use lockers